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Nintendo claims that future Mini consoles are still under consideration.

Nintendo claims that future Mini consoles are still under consideration.

Nintendo Classic 
Nintendo continues to contemplate continuing its Mini consoles line. The company doesn't take a line with the mini series Nintendo classic yet.

A shareholder proposed that the Nintendo Classic Mini series would become a fresh method for parents who no longer play games, in response to an inquiry at their shareHolders' Meeting held on Tuesday, which it published in Japanese.

Nintendo Chairman Shuntaro Furukawa replied: "We always want individuals of all age, youngsters and adults to play our goods. In reality we feel there are now quite different generations who have chosen Nintendo systems after having been in the video game business for many years.

We will continue to investigate if vintage material may be offered as a method to convey the attractiveness of our products to different generations, such as with the NES and Super NES Classic Mini series and our online services.

Nintendo launched in November 2016 the NES Classic Edition, called the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES and the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer in Japan. It was sold fast and stopped in April 2017.

It was later restarted for six more months in June 2018 due to ongoing demand. NES Ministeri included a total of 30 NES games, including the trilogy of Super Mario Bros, Zelda and Zelda II.

It was followed by the SNES Classic Edition - which has 21 built-in SNES games in the USA and Japan, including the first ever official release of Star Fox 2 - branded as the Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES and Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom respectively.

In 2019, President Nintendo announced that Nintendo plans to expand its Nintendo Switch nintendo future mini consoles Online catalog to include more heritage systems in addition to the NES-Games already provided.

In this location amongst other things, Nintendo cannot declare that there is fresh information on future conventional devices, but we are considering extending the internet service provided by Famicom [NES] and how to provide it.

Play a fully-sized 'original' controller in NES games as they are intended to play. You may also utilize the NES Classic Controler on the WiiTM or Wii USB console by connecting it to a Wii RemoteTM controller with NES Virtual Console games.


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