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Dave Matthews new song for Ukraine "Something to Tell My Baby" lyrics

Dave Matthews

Singer/songwriter veteran Dave Matthews released a new song to "join in" and help "turn the tide" of Russia's war in Ukraine.

The song, titled "Something To Tell My Baby," was first performed by Dave Mathews Band leader Dave Mathews on CNN's "State of the Union."

Dave Matthews's new song for Support Ukraine is"♫ Something to Tell My Baby ♫" lyrics.

"♫ Something to Tell My Baby ♫" 

♫ You know, someday we're all gonna leave ♫

♫ Here may be sooner than we wanted ♫

♫ It's special because it's fleeting ♫

♫ All of the things that we did ♫

♫ What do we leave behind us ♫

♫ Something that will remind them ♫

♫ Something to make them smile ♫

♫ When they think about it ♫

♫ Something to tell my baby ♫

♫ Something she can reach for ♫

♫ We all need to hold on to ♫

♫ When we're trying to believe ♫

♫ Stuff that dreams are made of ♫

♫ The cut that just won't heal ♫

♫ The smoke after the fire ♫

♫ As long as we remember ♫

♫ It says good is real ♫

♫ Good is real ♫

♫ It's something to keep us Hopeful ♫

♫ Something to tell my baby ♫

♫ Forever at the end ♫

♫ Possible but just maybe ♫

♫ When you think about it ♫

♫ It's something to remind them ♫

♫ That's gonna make them smile ♫

♫And maybe make things easier ♫

♫ Something to tell my baby ♫

Dave Matthews's new song for support of Ukraine "Something to Tell My Baby".

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