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Marvel's Avengers Releases Mighty Thor's First Gameplay Footage

Marvel's Avengers Releases Mighty Thor's
Marvel's Avengers Releases Mighty Thor's

The origins of Jane Foster's Mighty Thor and some of her early gameplay footage were revealed in a War Table Deep Dive by Marvel's Avengers. In ahead of time of this week's release, Marvel's Avengers featured Jane Foster's Mighty Thor's origins.

Mighty Thor will be added to Marvel's Avengers as part of Patch 2.5 to coincide with her live-action debut in Thor: Love and Thunder. The team today unveiled the first look at gameplay for the newest hero, as well as her backstory, battle mechanics, and alternate cosmetics, in a six-minute in-depth video. Although Mighty Thor had previously appeared in concept art and a few screenshots from Marvel's Avengers, this was the first time we had actually seen him in action.

This month had seen the debut of Jane Foster's Mighty Thor in an animated trailer that highlighted not only the conflict that led to her joining the Marvel's Avengers team but also the internal struggle that set her on the path to becoming Mjolnir's newest wielder. More information on that plot and how it connects to Marvel's Avengers was revealed in the trailer released today. Following Thor's demise and loss of worthiness in the comics, Jane is given a breast cancer diagnosis and, as she is going through treatment, hears Mjolnir calling to her. When Jane transforms into the Mighty Thor, her cancer no longer affects her, but only while she is in that form. Although the trailer suggests that does have some significance in this adaptation of Jane, it is obvious that her story also differs greatly.

Due to Jane's cancer diagnosis and the effects of D-Day, which made him feel unworthy, Thor decided to stay on Earth. This caused Odin to become insane in this universe. Although it was not made clear in the trailer if this Jane is also known as Mjolinor, she is seen to be unable to assume her previous form because she has been able to hold back her cancer. In Asgard and with the distinctive team of Avengers from her universe, she now appears to have stepped into Thor's shoes. Marvel's Avengers clarified that Jane's powers will be different from Thor's in order to represent her particular relationship with Mjolnir, as some fans had feared her gameplay would be a carbon copy of Thor's.

The Allmother was imprisoned by Odin in Asgard, the trailer claims, causing the realm to burn and collapse. Mighty Thor made a deal with Loki, who in this universe appears to live in Jotunheim and may rule there, to help her kill Odin because she was unable to defeat him on her own. Jane tries to break the agreement when the God of Mischief kills Odin while she is obstructing him in battle. This appears to result in Loki banishing her to an alternate universe after casting her out of Asgard. It appears that Mighty Thor and Patch 2.5 both introduce the multiverse to Marvel's Avengers for the first time.

On June 28, Jane Foster's Mighty Thor thunders into action. On the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, Marvel's Avengers can be played.


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