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September Xbox Update is now available

September Xbox Update is now available

Major Xbox September update is now available, and it includes changes to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and the game library.

Microsoft's September Xbox update includes numerous changes to the user interface, party features, and expanded options for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Despite the fact that September is coming to an end, this month's patch and the fixes it contains may give Xbox players on consoles and PC even more reasons to return before October begins.

Since the release of the Xbox Series X/S consoles, they have been regularly updated with features such as a 4K revamped dashboard, pin system optimizations, and app integration improvements. The September update, like many of the changes made in previous patches, is inspired by feedback from the Xbox community that Team Xbox has observed and implemented. The September patch is now available, and because most Xbox Series X/S units automatically update, Xbox fans may have already noticed changes from Team Xbox that streamline menu navigation and personalize the experience a little more.

The Xbox gaming library has previously changed substantially and will continue to do so as Microsoft develops the platform as part of the September update. The September patch also has new storage and installation menu selections that might make finding where a game or app is downloaded a little bit easier since many Xbox owners have increased their storage options beyond what is provided in the base consoles. Although the Series 2 gamepad has undergone some quality-of-life improvements, the original Xbox Elite Wireless Controller will continue to function as it has in previous updates.

Before the September update made changes to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, the Xbox One controller had an Xbox button that was illuminated with a bright white light. This was still the case with Xbox Series X/S controllers. Owners of Series 2 controllers can change the color of the central light by selecting one of 27 pre-set colors or by adjusting the hue and saturation sliders to see the other 16 million possible colors using the Xbox Accessories app. The September update also includes a shareable link for videos that can be sent to others via SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, and more because sharing clips using the Xbox Bar on PC has previously been problematic.

Whereas many Xbox fans expressed their gratitude for the various changes made with the September update when it was announced, one claimed that things had become more confusing, and another requested that the UI be reverted later to the Xbox 360 blades design. 

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