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A PS5 gamer claims that his DualSense controller caught fire

PS5 gamer claims that his DualSense controller

After turning on one ‘s PlayStation 5, a player claims that their DualSense 5 controller caught fire and melted.

According to a PlayStation 5 gamer, their DualSense 5 controller caught fire on its own. Over the years, consoles have dealt with a wide range of technical issues. The Xbox 360 was notorious for overheating, which resulted in the dreaded Red Ring of Death. The PlayStation 2 had issues with disc reading errors. However, it's thankfully extremely uncommon for controllers to catch fire, if it ever does. But this PS5 controller has unquestionably caught fire.

Possibly, a controller could theoretically catch fire, PS5 DualSense or not. Every controller has a number of parts that could overload or spark. Additionally, lithium batteries used in wireless controllers like the DualSense have a history of spontaneous combustion and even explosion under certain conditions. However, despite the possibility, there is no known instance of a PS5 controller catching fire.

A PS5 gamer claims that his DualSense controller caught fire
Image credit: reddit

A PS5 gamer claims that his DualSense controller caught fire
Image Credit: reddit

The PS5 controller that belonged to Reddit user havla1312 clearly caught fire. The PS5 DualSense controller was seen in several pictures to be melting from the bottom end. Notably, havla1312 notes that she unplugged her PS5 at the time the fire began and that it began when she set the controller down after turning it on. It started burning "one minute later" while it was seated on a glass table. There was nothing nearby that might have started a fire.

Unfortunately, the burn marks do not clearly indicate where the fire started. Even though the first could have started internally, the photographs only show melted plastic on the controller's exterior. However, the DualSense Charging Station charging port and internal connectors connecting microphones to the controller's motherboard are the only parts found in this part of the controller. The DualSense battery doesn't appear to have any damage, which makes the situation even stranger.

The burnt controller might have been a fake as well. For instance, holding a lighter against the controller's bottom would probably produce something very similar. Furthermore, it's unlikely that a fire would originate from this part of the controller without a direct electrical connection or additional proof of a battery problem. Another scenario is that the fire was started by something outside, such as a magnifying glass passed through a glass table.

Havla1312 claims that she will make an effort to get in touch with Sony regarding a controller replacement. It is hoped that Sony will agree, if only to determine whether there is a more pressing DualSense problem with the PS5. In any case, it's unlikely that Havla1312 will be able to use the controller. Even if the controller does have a problem, there is currently no proof that other PS5 users should be concerned about it.

Source: Reddit, Gamerant

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