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Elden Ring Invader Is a Replica of a Recognizable Dark Souls NPC Invader

Elden Ring Invader Is a Replica of a Recognizable Dark Souls NPC Invader

One inventive player started attacking other players in Elden Ring's PvP as an NPC Invader who appeared to be from the first Dark Souls game.

Some FromSoftware veteran gamers are stoked with fear by one Elden Ring invader who replicates a well-known NPC invader from Dark Souls, complete with weapons. The degree to which players can recreate their favorite characters using Elden Ring's character customizer and the variety of its clothing is impressive, much like how one Elden Ring player was able to create Naruto's Itachi. Players may attempt to recreate their favorite character's move set in order to truly embody that character in addition to trying to be that character. One invader made the choice to do that, bringing it into PvP to bring a familiar sight to some experienced Dark Souls players.

Many Dark Souls players would be familiar with Blighttown, which is located in a sizable cave and is one of the game's most notorious locations. The players have a good chance of falling off the fragile scaffolding that makes up half of this area or of being knocked off by an enemy. The other half is taken up by a poison swamp, one of the numerous poisonous swamps Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki can't help but include. Even though the poison swamp is difficult to navigate, there is a moment when, as the player is moving toward the boss area's entrance, a certain NPC invader who goes by the name Maneater Mildred invites themselves in to intercept the player.

In Elden Ring's PvP, one player made the choice to attack other players as this Maneater Mildred. A YouTube video was posted by a channel called IcedEstus, known for creating the ever-famous Elden Ring meme builds that some players enjoy making. In the video, they dress up as Maneater Mildred and hunt down players while listening to some well-known songs. The Butchering Knife, a weapon that is sufficiently similar to Mildred's original knife, a type of sack, and a shield are all that are needed to complete the Mildred costume.

The footage that follows shows them eliminating numerous Elden Ring players, frequently by stubbing them out and landing that crucial blow. The invader was praised for their skill at parrying by many in the comments. In addition, some found their choice of music to be quite amazing, but the gameplay in the video was even better.

Elden Ring features references to earlier FromSoftware games, such as the infamous Patches and the Moonlight Greatsword, but some well-known characters will only be seen again because of the imagination of other players. Even though this video doesn't quite demonstrate the incredible level of customizability Elden Ring offers, it does provide many Dark Souls players with a familiar sight to see, whether it brings back happy memories or unpleasant ones.

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