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New Tin Hearts Dev Diary Is Released by Former Fable Developers [EXCLUSIVE]

New Tin Hearts Dev Diary Is Released by Former Fable Developers [EXCLUSIVE]

Tin Hearts is an upcoming puzzle adventure game from Rogue Sun, a Lionhead studio made up of former Fable developers.

A new dev diary for the upcoming game Tin Hearts by UK developer Rogue Sun, which is made up of former Lionhead Studio programmers who worked on the first Fable, has been released. Tin Hearts is a puzzle adventure game where players direct toy clockwork soldiers through a variety of obstacles in the home of their creator, Albert Butterworth. It has been compared to a Lemmings meets Pikmin game and described as having a Victorian Nutcracker Suite aesthetic.

A new Tin Hearts development diary has been made available by Rogue Sun in advance of the game's release on April 20. (exclusively via Game Rant). With the help of several developers, including Kostas Zarifis, the creative director of Tin Hearts, Rogue Sun makes an attempt to provide an explanation of the game's plot and development.

Although it comes with the expertise of Lionhead Studio, Tin Hearts will be Rogue Sun's debut release. This is something the developers addressed. Tin Hearts began as a modest VR project but ended up expanding as the former Fable developers' ambition persisted. Even though it is still quite small, Rogue Sun was able to give it a powerful punch. They discuss the early stages of the game's development, how Lemmings was a type of gameplay that hasn't been fully explored in recent years, and how the mechanics and puzzles work together to reward the players' progress, as can be seen in the video below. "It's a very simple game premise, but as soon as those mechanics start rolling in, they complement each other so well," said developer Hugo Reis.

For example, Tin Hearts will introduce novel devices and playthings that compel players to consider alternatives to the possibilities they have up to that point. Another developer claimed that the game never gets boring because every few levels, new toy soldiers, machines, and gameplay mechanics are introduced. The different toys that players run into will set off an interesting chain of events, and as a result, the difficulty of these puzzles and tricks increases as players progress through Tin Hearts.

Since its release, Tin Hearts has received numerous favorable reviews and accolades, including a Most Anticipated Switch Game award from Gamescom. The game's reception at launch will be interesting to observe, but this dev diary makes it abundantly clear how much passion went into it.

Tin Hearts releases on April 20 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. It'll release for PSVR2, PC VR, and Meta Quest 2 later this summer.

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