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Ukraine retaken control of more than 20 settlements

Ukraine retaken control of more than 20 settlements
Ukraine Armed Forces are Regained Control Of many settlements

More than 20 settlements have been regained by Ukraine's Armed Forces.

The General Staff of Ukraine's Armed Forces confirmed this on Facebook, Toisthe Report.

The Russian occupying forces are reorganizing, according to General Staff, and are expected to focus on an offensive operation in the Eastern Operational Zone.

The Russian occupying forces are withdrawing some units from the Polissya and Siversky directions. At the same time, the enemy is planning to deploy additional Eastern Military District units (reserves) to conduct operations on Ukrainian soil.

Units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus are reinforcing the defense of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border in the Volyn direction.

In the Polissya direction, the Russian enemy did not conduct offensive actions. The Russian invaders' main efforts are focused on defending previously occupied borders, reorganizing, and moving troops to the Republic of Belarus territory in order to regain combat capability. The Russian opponent mines the ground and infrastructure and launches artillery to ensure the withdrawal of its soldiers.

The settlements of Demydiv, Dymer, Lytvynivka, Gavrylivka, Kozarovychi, Zhovtneve, Hlybivka, Yasnohorodka, Talakun, Sukoluchchya, Lypivka, Gavronshchyna, Makovyshche, Mykolaivka, and Khmilna were retaken by Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Russian enemy continues to siege the city of Chernihiv from the north. At the same time, troops from the Central Military District are being deployed to locations near Ukraine's state border.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine took control of Rudnya, Shevchenkove, Bobryk, Stara Basan, Nova Basan, Makiyivka, Pohreby, Bazhanivka, Volodymyrivka, Shnyakivka, Salne, Sofiyivka, and Havrylivka after the enemy withdrew.

The enemy continues to blockade Kharkiv and attack the city with artillery from the Slobozhansky direction. There was also a shipment of ammunition for artillery forces.

In the direction of Izyum, the Russian enemy maintains possession of the city and maintains pontoon crossings across the Siversky Donets River to ensure offensive operations. During the day, the enemy fought in the direction of Mala Komyshuvakha's hamlet but was unsuccessful.

At the expense of independent units of the 1st Tank and 20th All-Army, the Russian enemy is likely to increase the grouping of occupation troops in the Izyum direction.

The Russian enemy continues to carry out fire and assault operations in some areas, as well as airstrikes on settlements, in the Donetsk direction.

The main efforts are aimed at regaining control of the settlements of Popasna and Rubizhne, as well as regaining full control of Mariupol.


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