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Political Turpitude in West Africa: A Wave of Military Coups
The Russians are preparing to resume offensive on the fronts of Izium and Sloviansk- the General Staff
A top Russian army sniper was killed in Ukraine, reports claim, the latest blow to Putin's military powers
The Ukrainian army liberates four settlements in the Kharkiv region
Putin is 'doubling down' with a new offensive launched by Russia's flagging army because he cannot afford to lose, CIA director says
Ukraine exposes Russian military plans for a Full-Scale Invasion of Belarus
Ukrainian military are brave and skillful  that's impressive - U.S. Defense Secretary
Ukrainian parliament signed laws offering a $1 million reward to defecting Russian soldiers who hand over a fighter jet or a warship
Kremlin says Ukraine's attack on a Russian fuel depot creates an uncomfortable backdrop for talks
Russia lost more than $10 billion in military equipment in Ukraine - Ukrainian Defense Ministry
Ukraine retaken control of more than 20 settlements
Ukraine Welcomes Home Soldier Who Said to Russians Go F*** Yourself
Russia has suffered its worst massacre of army commanders since the Second World War