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New Day One Game for 2022 is confirmed by Xbox Game Pass

New Day One Game for 2022 is confirmed by Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass has recently revealed several new titles coming to the service, with another day one game confirmed for 2022.

Even though Xbox Game Pass frequently announces its new lineup of games at the start and middle of a month, occasionally these announcements are completely unexpected. It happens frequently that a new game is revealed and then declares itself to be an Xbox Game Pass title for the first day. With its newest day-one title, that's exactly what happened.

Today, August 11, a new reveal trailer for the upcoming adventure RPG Soccer Story from Panic Barn! and No More Robots was released. This trailer confirms that the game will be released in 2022 on a variety of platforms, including PC, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox Game Pass.

A year has passed since some apparent catastrophe that led Soccer Inc. to ban anyone from viewing or kicking a soccer ball, according to Soccer Story. That is, until the player is selected as the Savior of Soccer by a magic soccer ball. The magic ball can fix many of the PC's issues, which allows for a large portion of the gameplay to be physics-based. It appears to be a good comfort game because of the graphics, which have an almost cottagecore vibe. Players will "solve problems, play random sports, and save the world, all with the kick of your magic football," according to the game's description.

Of course, Americans will immediately recognize this as soccer, while people on the other side of the world will recognize it as football. Mike Rose, a No More Robots PR representative, claims that Soccer Story sounds much better than Football Fable and that the phrase "It's Football!" may even appear in the game. In either case, everything seems intriguing. Beyond the 2022 release window, no specific release date has been provided, but that indicates that it will appear on Game Pass within the next four months.

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