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PlayStation has acquired another mobile developer to create 'AAA mobile games

Sony has bought Savage Games, a mobile game developer that raised $4.4 million to fund a new competitive shooter.
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Sony has bought Savage Games, a mobile game developer that raised $4.4 million to fund a new competitive shooter.

Sony has acquired yet another game studio, this time mobile game developer Savage Game Studios.

Sony's most recent PlayStation acquisition is solely focused on mobile games. SIE recently acquired Savage Game Studios, a company with offices in Berlin, Germany and Helsinki, Finland. According to Herman Hulst, president of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, Savage is working on a "unannounced AAA live service action mobile game." Michail Katkoff, the CEO of Savage Games, is the founder of Deconstructor of Fun, a well-known resource that examines the business of free-to-play games.

In 2021, Savage Game Studios received $4.4 million in seed funding for a competitive shooter. It's possible that Savage is basing this shooter on a PlayStation IP, such as a Killzone free-to-play game.

"Since the beginning of the battle royale boom in 2018, all shooter games have focused on competitive fast-paced gameplay. We see an opportunity for games that allow players to interact with one another and have rewarding sessions without the high pressure of a player-versus-player environment "Michail Katkoff, co-founder and CEO of Savage, stated in the seed funding announcement.

"We create action games with epic stories to foster lasting connections with players all over the world," according to Savage's website. This is a smaller studio that strives for a "cohesive, compact team with great chemistry" across both of its European locations.

Hulst also confirms that mobile games will be "additive" to the PlayStation ecosystem, but Savage's project being a AAA game implies a higher level of quality and polish. Ubisoft has also used the AAA term to describe its mobile games, describing The Division Resurgence as a AAA shoot-and-loot action game.

"Michail and his team are already working on something great," Hulst says of the unannounced mobile game.
Source: Playstation

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