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Ukraine's President Zelensky urges on citizens to report on collaborators who helps invaders

Ukraine's President Zelensky urges

The president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has called on people of the temporarily occupied areas to inform on the armed forces of the enemy and those who support them.

According to reports, the president said this in his nightly video address.

"Please inform our special services, our military, in a way that is safe for you if you have any significant information about the enemy. Please also report this if you know anyone who supports the occupiers or justifies violence "said the president.

He said that no matter what the occupiers claim, "escape is their only option. at most assuming they arrive in time. From the northern regions, we drove the Russian army out. The invaders were driven from our Zmiinyi Island. They already have the impression that it is time to leave Kherson and the southern region of our nation altogether. When that time comes, everyone who can assist in their evacuation from the Crimea, Donbas, and the Kharkiv region should do so.

"Ukrainians must never forget that our army advanced through gruesome and challenging battles throughout this war. Without our heroes' resistance, the occupiers would not have been able to take anything since February 24 and they will not be able to keep anything either. The president declared, "We will liberate everything.

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