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Overwatch 2 Reveals the Origins of Kiriko Story

Origins of Kiriko Story
Kiriko Image Credit: esports

Kiriko's Origin Story is Revealed in Overwatch 2. A recent Overwatch 2 video reveals Kiriko's past and offers a short look into her character, the influences on her fighting skills and her motives.

The new support hero Kiriko has a new video for Overwatch 2 that explains how her skills and link to the fox spirit were inspired. The Kiriko Origin Story video highlights her origins and what inspires her to stand up for people who are not able to fight themselves.

Kiriko's short hero origin history video shows her acquiring principles and methods from members of her family. Between her grandmother's link to the Fox Spirit, which Overwatch 2 developers have been hinting to in the lead-up to her revelation, and her mother's decision to train with the Shimada clan, Kiriko was conflicted between two ideals in her quest to find her place in the tradition of defending her city.

Kiriko was trained by both members of her family and reveals how she uses their teachings to become her own person. Unlike the Shimada brothers, there is no indication of internal conflict or strife between her mother and grandmother as she grows older and pursues her own path. Kiriko's main abilities are the Healing Ofuda and the Kunai Blades, which fans see her training and using in the origin story video. Her skill in both of these skills motivates her to be who she is.
Fans see Kiriko as part of a colorful group of characters near the end of the video. These are the Yokai, a group of ninjas her age who protect Kanezaka from the Hashimoto clan. Following the fall of the Shimada clan, the Hashimotos rose up and took control of the city. They also taken hostage her father. These events prompted Kiriko to join the Yokai in their quest to keep Kanezaka safe. Each member of the Yokai, like Kiriko, represents a different aspect of Japanese culture.

After months of leaks and speculation leading up to Overwatch 2's Early Access release, Overwatch fans are finally seeing the full character reveal for Kiriko. Though the methods for obtaining Kiriko in-game have been a source of contention, her inclusion in the game provides support players with a new hero to play and is sure to shake up the gameplay meta.

Kiriko's gameplay style and personal mantra are in connection with Blizzard's intentions for Overwatch 2. Welcoming the game's tradition with fun characters that fans will enjoy playing and how she will interact with other heroes and embracing the modern with the faster gameplay style of 5v5, the Overwatch 2 free-to-play model and battle pass system, and a new era in the game's development.

On October 4, Overwatch 2 will be available in early access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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