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Hawaii's way of life has changed as a result of fire ants raining down on residents

Hawaii's way of life has changed as a result of fire ants raining down on residents
Image Credit: Business Insider

Fire ants are raining down on people, and officials at the Hawaii Ant Lab have warned that this is changing the way of life for locals.

Hawaii has fire ant infestations, and officials say they're getting so bad that it's affecting residents' way of life.

Fire ants were discovered in Hawaii for the first time in 1999, and according to SFGATE, officials on Kauai are asking the public to check their properties as the island is experiencing its worst infestation to date, following the discovery of millions of fire ants at Wailua River State Park. Heather Forester, who works for Hawaii Ant Lab, says "They are transforming the way of life for our residents in Hawaii. You used to be able to go hiking and beachcombing. They have the ability to rain down on people and sting them."

Fire ants

Forester told SFGATE that the Ant Lab is receiving numerous reports of stinging while people are sleeping in their beds. "We've had a lot of reports of them stinging people in their beds," she said. Fire ant stings can result in red, swollen welts that are itchy and cause a burning sensation. According to BusinessInsider, fire ant stings can cause sore pus-filled lesions that can last "for weeks" depending on the severity of the bite.

Researchers are concerned that the infestation has spread to the water, allowing the ants to float downstream and establish new colonies, exacerbating the problem. The team battling the infestation believes it has been defeated. "Our team is really good at what they do," Chock said, according to SFGATE. "I'm going to say that we're hoping it hasn't spread too far. I'm confident that we'll be able to keep it under control."

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  1. It is the end of the world as we know it. Prepare to accept our ant overlords. Serve them properly and they may allow some of us to survive.


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