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Nintendo Switch platform generated $62.3 billion in lifetime revenues

Nintendo Switch platform generated $62.3 billion in lifetime revenues

Nintendo has earned more than $62 billion from the Nintendo Switch platform, which includes software, hardware, and subscriptions, since March 2017.

According to company filings, since March 2017 Nintendo has generated nearly $63 billion in revenue from the Nintendo Switch platform. Every three months, Nintendo provides an update on its overall net sales revenues on a platform level. I was curious how much money the Nintendo Switch has made so far in its existence. There has been a large response.

According to our findings, which were converted from quarterly yen values into USD using foreign exchange rates published in Nintendo's earnings briefs, the Nintendo Switch platform has generated $62.26 billion in revenue since its launch to the present. Hardware, digital and physical software, subscriptions, and add-on content are all examples of products sold through the eShop platform.

Nintendo Switch platform generated $62.3 billion in lifetime revenues

The most intriguing aspect of this data is how much money Nintendo has made from Switch hardware. Remember that the Switch was designed to be profitable from the start, and even the new Switch OLED models are profitable (although the profit margin for the OLED is less due to more expensive premium materials).

Nintendo Switch platform generated $62.3 billion in lifetime revenues

When we compare total Switch platform data to total hardware and software data, we notice an interesting trend. According to our findings, Nintendo generated $69.9 billion in total hardware and software revenue between March 2017 and September 30, 2022. This total includes non-Switch hardware sales, such as the 3DS handheld.

A quick calculation reveals that the Nintendo Switch accounted for 89% of total dedicated video game segment sales over the seven-year period. It's interesting to note that even though it was nearing the end of its lifespan, the 3DS continued to make a significant contribution to hardware and software revenues, selling millions of games even during the Switch's lifespan. Throughout the quarters, even the Wii U was able to sell tens of thousands of games.

Source: Tweaktown

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