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High on Life is the most popular game on Xbox Game Pass right now

Despite mixed reviews, Squanch Games' FPS comes in first place.

Despite receiving mixed reviews, Squanch Games' FPS High on Life is currently the most popular game on Xbox Game Pass.

On both console and PC, the comedic shooter currently holds the top spot, ahead of Minecraft, Forza Horizon 5, FIFA 22, and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

That suggests that a large number of Game Pass subscribers have decided to try the game as part of their subscription. However, it appears to be selling well at full price, as it is ranked fifth in Xbox's sales rankings.

This is true despite the media release and the distinctly mixed reviews it received from the media. High on Life is currently rated between 63 and 67 on Metacritic, and unfavorable reviews have been posted by reputable websites like PC Gamer (4/10), PCGamesN (5/10), and The Guardian (2/5).

Other respected publications, such as IGN (8/10) and Gamespot (7/10), issued more positive verdicts, but they were still not the kind of reviews typically associated with a best seller. The game has favorable Metacritic user ratings at the time of publication on Xbox (8.2) and PC (7.8).

Microsoft may introduce a less expensive, ad-supported Xbox Game Pass tier, according to a recent survey. According to the survey, players are being asked if they would be willing to pay less each month for Xbox Game Pass in exchange for some subscription restrictions.

Players could choose to pay less, but they would only have access to first-party Xbox games after a delay of up to six months. Although it's unclear how these integrated ads would appear, a lower tier of the service might include them.

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