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Take-Two removes a Goat Simulator 3 advertisement that used leaked GTA 6 footages

Take-Two removes a Goat Simulator 3 advertisement that used leaked GTA 6 footages

A Goat Simulator 3 advertisement included gameplay from the massive GTA 6 leak that surfaced earlier this year, which featured some trollish antics typical of the game itself. It didn't take long for GTA publisher Take-Two to issue a DMCA notice, requesting that the video be removed.

The currently unavailable advertisement featured a humorous overview of an NPC named Shaun, who describes his duties as walking in circles, picking things up, and sitting on a bench. The GTA 6 clip appears late in the ad, when Shaun mentions seeing himself in "footage that was leaked a couple of months ago."

An NPC named Shaun was introduced in the aforementioned trailer. Shaun was shown being questioned about his work on Goat Simulator 3 in a humorous set up.

Since he attended the "most prestigious rag-dolling school in the world," he was able to brag about his impressive rag-dolling abilities while also admitting that occasionally he just likes to sit on a bench and think about the big picture. Overall, not much to complain about.

The inclusion of leaked GTA 6 footage that made its way into the wild earlier this year has piqued everyone's interest (almost as if that was the entire point).

NPC Shaun had the following to say about his other work: "Other big game worlds are in the works for me. I can be seen in some footage that was leaked a few months ago."

The trailer then cut to a shot of Shaun in an edited clip from the GTA 6 leaks as he said this.

Needless to say, Rockstar's parent company, Take-Two, was not pleased, and the trailer has since been removed from the various Goat Simulator 3 channels. In its place, the message "this media has been disabled in response to a copyright owner report" appears.

Concerning GTA 6 and the leak, the 17-year-old from Oxfordshire suspected of being behind it appeared in court in September. The unnamed adolescent was charged with two counts of computer misuse and two counts of violating bail conditions.

Meanwhile, Rockstar acknowledged the leak in September, saying it was "extremely disappointed" with the situation. It also stated that the leak would have no "long-term impact" on the game's overall development. 

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