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A God of War enthusiast has a large Mimir tattoo

Massive Mimir tattoo applied by God of War fan

The exquisite artwork of a one-eyed Mimir brought back to life by Freya was created as a result of a God of War fan getting the smartest man alive tattooed on his arm.

The majority of the upper right arm is covered by a Mimir tattoo that was applied by a God of War fan who is obviously dedicated to the series. When he first appeared in the series, The Smartest Man Alive quickly became a fan favorite, and ever since his stories and jokes, God of War hasn't been the same.

Previously a hack-and-slash series set in Ancient Greece that traveled to Norse mythology and became a third-person action-adventure along the way, the sequel that was 2018's God of War served as a soft reboot for the franchise. Mimir, who is held captive in a tree atop what the two gods consider to be the highest peak in all the realms, is one of the figures that Kratos and his son Atreus encounter while on their mission. They are corrected by Mimir, a former advisor to Odin, who offers his services and reveals that they are seeking to be in Jotunheim, the Land of the Giants. After failing to free him, Mimir is beheaded by Kratos, who appropriately calls him "Head."

Mimir's head is depicted as a tattoo covering most of Kratos' upper right arm in an image shared to Reddit by user sippin40s. It is no longer hanging from Kratos' waist. The artwork is incredibly impressive, perfectly capturing Mimir's inscriptions, horns, and one-eyed gaze. His missing eye corresponds to canon, as the trio in God of War 2018 retrieves it from the World Serpent's belly in order to reach Jotunheim.

The comments did the only thing that can be done when discussing Mimir, which is to use the Mimir quote that best fits the circumstance. The two comments that received the most votes were "Ohh I felt that one brother" and "don't worry, it'll pass," which were interspersed with other comments expressing amazement at how well the tattoo turned out. It's nice to appreciate the more helpful dialogue that the smartest man alive is known for because God of War Ragnarok received some minor criticism for how much companions talk and insist on giving players the solutions to puzzles before they had a chance to figure them out, including Mimir.

Players are still thoroughly dissecting God of War Ragnarok, which was released to acclaim late last year. One fan, however, wasn't interested in the discussion of the plot or the expert demonstrations of combat; they were merely curious as to how Mimir would have seen everything. Given his usual position on Kratos' waist and how much the former God of War moves while fighting, it is not surprising that the video's severe and incomprehensible camera shake.

God of War Ragnarok is available on PS4 and PS5.

Source: Marc Joseph Hill

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