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Final Fantasy 16 Gets Awesome Pixel Promo Art

Final Fantasy 16 Gets Awesome Pixel Promo Art

Publisher Square Enix has revealed a fantastic new pixelated promo image of the main character Clive and his wolf companion Torgal.

Square Enix unveils a new Final Fantasy 16 promo image at the official Final Fantasy 14 Mahjong Tournament, one that embraces the franchise's pixel roots. The fact that it's obviously promotional in nature and intended to encourage people to pre-order Final Fantasy 16 doesn't take away from how awesome and nostalgic it is to see a pixelated Clive and Torgal.

Due to the impending release of Final Fantasy 16, gamers can anticipate increased marketing from Square Enix as time draws near. There have been brief glimpses into the gameplay and story so far, but many questions remain. Players only truly understand that Clive, the game's protagonist, is engaged in a quest for vengeance that appears to span three decades of his life. Clive is the chosen one at the center of a war raging across Valisthea over the Eikons and a blight that covers the entire continent.

Although Final Fantasy 16's darker plot may not naturally lend itself to pixel graphics, as can be seen below, Clive and his wolf companion Torgal make the transition smoothly. Both have fantastic pixel graphics, and their darker designs stand out against the background while also displaying a crystallized area in Valisthea in the background—one of the game's early world representations. The clear message of the promotional art is to "pre-order" right away.

As a result, fans should not interpret this as a hint or tease of a Final Fantasy 16-pixel spin-off, at least not yet. Many people will probably remember the pixel-based companion title A King's Tale: Final Fantasy 15, which was released just before the main title. Players acted as young Regis (Noctis' father) and his friends Weskham, Cid, and Clarus as they traveled through Duscae, a journey that was remarkably similar to Noctis' own. Although the side-scrolling running style of this promo art immediately brings to mind that, fans shouldn't base their expectations on it.

It appears to be intended to increase interest in Final Fantasy 16 preorders and its special editions, as was already stated. A map of Valisthea, a few in-game weapons, a pin collection, and a collector's box are all made available in various forms depending on the players' choices. Given the reputation that pre-orders have, it makes sense that some people may still be on the fence. Nevertheless, hopefully more information about the JRPG will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Final Fantasy 16 will be released on June 22, 2023, for PS5.

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Author: Joshua Duckworth

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