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Finally, Destiny 2 settles a debt from the Forsaken expansion

Finally, Destiny 2 settles a debt from the Forsaken expansion

The Lightfall expansion is finally bringing the death of a cherished character in Destiny 2 to its rightful conclusion.

Cayde-6 was a beloved character in the Destiny 2 community both at the time and still today. He was known for taking calculated risks, offering comic relief, and having a fondness for spicy ramen and pet chickens. Although Cayde-6's death in the previous Forsaken expansion was an unexpected turn in Destiny 2's ongoing plot, the character was never treated with the respect he deserved afterwards. Five years after Cayde-6's death in the Forsaken expansion, which occurred in 2018, the brand-new Lightfall expansion provides closure.

Although adding an updated memorial to the character in Destiny 2's Tower social area has been well received, more work needs to be done before the character can be honored appropriately. There are still traces of the beloved character throughout some of the older activities that are still playable in the game, despite the fact that the majority of the content that features them has been sent to Destiny 2's Content Vault.

Players can meditate under the Ironwood Tree in the Tower social area, close to the new Cayde-6 memorial, to raise their Guardian Ranks in Destiny 2. The Cayde-6 memorial includes both a new sculpture depicting his likeness and the plaque that previously served as the character's memorial in the Tower. Players can now interact with the plaque memorial, which is different from the previous one, to hear other Destiny 2 characters lamenting and thinking back on the beloved Hunter.

In some of the Strike activities in Destiny 2, Cayde-6 continued to play a role long after he passed away, providing players with explanations and guidance. Cayde-6's presence in the game can be very difficult for new players to understand given that the Forsaken expansion ultimately retired to the Destiny 2 Content Vault and especially after the New Light update altered the onboarding experience for new players.

It's just a very awkward time in Destiny 2's lengthy history right now, even for seasoned players. With the exception of the memorial at Tower, Cayde-6's death and existence are no longer very prominent in the game's narrative. As sad as it may be, the memorial has long overdue and soon it will be all that is left of Cayde.

Along with the release of the Lightfall expansion, some of the older Cayde-6-focused strikes have finally been updated, and the remaining ones will follow soon. The late Cayde-6 was taken out of the relevant Strikes, but that wasn't the only change; these Strikes also received a lot of altered encounters designed to lengthen the duration of the activities. The new model for earning Destiny 2 Vanguard rewards, which aims to emphasize longer time commitments rather than hasty completions, is in line with the updates made to the old Strikes.

It is no longer necessary to open the last chest as soon as possible to receive the post-game rewards from the Strike playlist. The Arms Dealer and the Lake of Shadows, both on Earth, are two of the few Strikes that received updates concurrently with the release of the Lightfall expansion. The duration of these two Strikes were lengthened, and Cayde-6 was completely excluded from the proceedings.

The older Strikes on Nessus will receive updates comparable to those given to the revamped Earth Strikes because it is home to the last Strikes that still use Cayde-6. The frequency of the outdated Nessus Strikes has been decreased in the default Vanguard playlist, which includes all of Destiny 2's Strikes. By going directly to them on the Nessus map in the directory, the older Nessus Strikes can still be played.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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