Minecraft meets Animal Crossing in Hokko Life

Minecraft meets Animal Crossing in Hokko Life.

 Minecraft meets Animal Crossing in Hokko Life. Hokko Life, with its villages to befriend, resource collection, and tons of creative flexibility, might be PC's answer to Animal Crossing. Hokko Life is a new indie adventure that was released in early access on Steam earlier this month.

Hokko Life is a new indie adventure that was released in early access on Steam earlier this month. Wonderscope produced the game, which is published by Team17, the same company that brought you King of Seas and My Time at Portia. Hokko Life, which is set in an isolated town and includes crafts and resource collecting, might be Steam's response to the Nintendo Switch-exclusive Animal Crossing.

The game starts with the player character having a train ride, but he falls asleep halfway through. When they wake up, they're in Hokko, where the locals are eager to see them and hope that they can help bring the town back to life. Taking on the position of mayor allows the player to interact with a variety of intriguing individuals while also engaging in the typical activities associated with similar games, such as fishing, bug capturing, and town decoration.

Hokko Life's gameplay is similar to Animal Crossing in that it concentrates around its people. Characters will pause for a drink at the local inn before being recruited to live in Hokko. The majority of new individuals will simply take up residence in the town, however, as the game advances, additional people will start up shops in the town. There's a real estate agent, for example, who allows the player to acquire additional residences and an artist who unlocks the ability to paint and design garments.

Small missions, similar to those found in Animal Crossing, are available to residents, such as requesting materials. Gathering uses simple mechanics similar to Minecraft, in which using a pickaxe on a rock destroys it and allows the player to collect the resource. Aside from mining, players may use an axe to chop wood and a shovel to transport flowers, similar to Animal Crossing. There is currently nothing to limit resource collecting (similar to Minecraft's monsters or Stardew Valley's stamina meter), however as the game is still in early access, such features may be implemented in the future.

One of the great aspects of Hokko Life is its adaptability. The game allows players to create their own furniture by utilizing the crafting table in Sally's Workshop and resources found around the terrain. Players may utilize simple plans to create anything they desire, from bridges to outdoor decorations to household furnishings, in whatever style they like. They can then paint certain areas of the goods. Players may even make their own paintings, wallpapers, and t-shirts.

Unlike Minecraft meets Animal Crossing in Hokko Life, where each character comes with a set of furnishings relevant to their hobbies and may add goods donated by the player in their homes, players may actively assist their villagers in decorating their houses. In fact, Hokko Life makes modifying the residences of the villagers as simple as modifying your own. While there are currently no multiplayer options, players may still engage via the Creator Catalog. Players may use the Catalog to submit and download their creations, as well as share weekly challenges.

While the game is still in early access and certainly has a long way to go, there is a lot of promise for Hokko Life to become a PC replacement for Animal Crossing with some extra features. It meets all of the fundamental elements of a life simulation game, such as a day/night cycle, seasons, mission advancement, and creative flexibility, and with additional material on the way, it has all the makings of an independent smash.


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