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Loki Variants Each Get Their Own Unique Xbox Controller From Microsoft Design Lab

Loki Variants Each Get Their Own Unique Xbox Controller From Microsoft Design Lab.
Image: Loki Variant Microsoft Controller

Microsoft has developed many different variants of customized Xbox Design Lab controllers in honor of Marvel Studios' Loki season finale.

Xbox has customized controllers for each of Marvel Studios' Loki series' mischievous Variants to celebrate the series' climax. Tom Hiddleston is Loki, the titular Marvel anti-hero who must go beyond time to find his destiny. The dramatic season finale of the Disney+ series aired on July 14.

Microsoft announced the reopening of the Xbox Design Lab for customized Xbox Series X/S controllers during the 2021 Games Showcase in June. The controller customization service began in 2016, offering gamers to create a unique Xbox One controller, which would then be sent within one month of purchase. The original Xbox Design Lab was closed in October 2020, just before the arrival of the Xbox Series X/S, but it has recently been reopened for players to enjoy. The new configuration includes 18 color possibilities as well as a range of bumper, trigger, and face button options for the controller. The Design Lab allows users to make whatever controller they choose, from vibrant multi-colored designs to basic recreations of the iconic white Xbox 360 controller for X Series X/S.

Loki Variants Each Get Their Own Unique Xbox Controller From Microsoft Design Lab. Some Microsoft Design Lab Xbox Controller-related products you may love.

For the celebration of Loki's season finale, Xbox has released a set of Xbox Design Lab controllers that relate to the show's various variants of the eponymous character. Each of the controllers makes fair use of green, Loki's most commonly associated hue, but yellows and blues also add variation to each design. The Trickster, with its primary color of green, seems to reflect the original Loki, but The Horned One's choice of yellow suggests a connection with Richard E. Grant's "Classic Loki." The primarily frozen Ice Giant controller refers to Loki's true origin as the son of the frost giant Laufey, while The Scaly One is an ideal match for the show's most weird and reptilian Variant.

Microsoft's Xbox controller is an incredible symbol of gaming gear, with little change in style since the Xbox 360 launched in 2005. As a result, the controller is immediately recognized, and Xbox has taken use of this to create unique variants for certain events. During Pride Month 2021, each famous Xbox controller design was given to streamers and influencers. The controller's attractively vibrant design includes flags from various LGBTQ+ organizations, with a statement on the back saying "Show your Pride on every side."

The Xbox Design Lab enables the development of completely unique controller variations, and this technology is beneficial for something other than gamers. Microsoft may use this program to develop controller variants fast, which is important for both advertising and the development of new products. With Marvel Studios' Loki focusing mainly on various forms of the main character, it's only natural that Xbox would celebrate by releasing a variety of controller variants.

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