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A new law may force Twitch to improve its justification for banning streamers.

A new law may force Twitch to improve its justification for banning streamers.


A new court law is being discussed in California, which may require Twitch to better defend itself if it bans a user.

Although the biggest website for streaming video games in the world, the term Twitch is sometimes linked with problems. The proclivity of corporations to ban streamers is one of the major bug bears. Individuals, such as Indiefoxx, whose account was recently re-suspended for reasons of interdiction, may be banned repeatedly.A new law is being considered that would require Web sites to explain the reasons for user suspensions.

In the latest news, Twitch's ban policy has been reviewed by a court in California to impose a new law to make the business more clear about its grounds for prohibitions. As it is, the way the website suspends streamers appears to be uneven and it is not clear why their accounts were targeted.

A case was filed against streamer James Vargas, better called PhantomL0rd, against TWITCH who incurred over $20,000 in damages but originally sought $35 million. It was based on this forward-looking new law. PhantomL0 could not demonstrate his involvement in fraudulent technology involving a CS:GO site due to its broadcasting service, but won the action against Twitch. Such situations may create an avenue for other banned streamers to take action against the service themselves.

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The court agreed the website "misrepresented" the streamer and "did injustice" to him. Vargas posted an additional post a few days ago, asking the courts to take Twitch's policy into consideration under the California Unfair Competition Legislation. He went on to explain that Twitch "bragged," maybe because he was a private corporation, over his treatment of him and other streamers. Although more often than not, Twitch is the banner, lately a whole nation has been banned from Twitch by one broadcaster, mostly on the opposite side of the so-called prohibition hammer.

This new California law would compel Twitch to clarify the grounds for its seemingly random disciplinary procedure because the site is renowned for its series of user bans, including a broadcaster which has been "suggestively prohibited" from using ASMR. This does not mean that users are banned, but it does mean that the site needs to provide more reasons and hopes that injustice will end.


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