Xbox Series X|S is breaking sales records for Xbox consoles

Xbox Series X|S is breaking sales records for Microsoft Xbox consoles. 
The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S remain the company's best-selling systems.
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The Xbox Series X|S console platform has become the fastest-selling Xbox of all time in a comparable market era, with cumulative sales reaching an estimated 6.5 million units. Despite this, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S remains the company's best-selling systems.

Microsoft created the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S home video gaming consoles. They were both launched on November 10, 2020, like the Xbox console family's fourth generation, following the Xbox One. The Xbox Series X and Series S are part of the ninth generation of video game consoles, which include Sony's PlayStation 5, which will be launched in November 2020. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently disclosed fresh information on Xbox's family of consoles' sales figures. According to these new details, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are shattering sales records, becoming the company's fastest-selling consoles in history.

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This information was obtained during the company's earnings call. According to estimates, the total number of units sold is around 6.5 million. This is more than the 5.7 million units sold by the Xbox One and the 5.0 million units sold by the Xbox 360 over the same period. What makes these figures even more astounding is that they come at a time when Microsoft is still struggling to satisfy consumer demand.

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Compared to the new Xbox had a great quarter, with overall gaming revenue up 11%, or $357 million, over the previous quarter. Thanks in part to the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox hardware sales increased even further, by 172 percent. However, due to reduced third-party game sales, content and services fell by 4%. According to Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass, which is a significant driver for the Xbox business, grew over time, as did first-party game sales. With additional first-party titles like Halo Infinite due to come in the coming months, it appears like the business is on track to sell even more copies in the future.

This is fantastic news for Microsoft as it seeks to recover from a difficult period over the last two console generations. The Xbox One, which was released in November 2013, failed to define its identity in the gaming community owing to message issues and a hefty price tag. While the Xbox 360 fared much better throughout its time on the market, it had to contend with issues connected to faulty hardware as a result of the Red Ring of Death. Microsoft lost a lot of money on Xbox 360 sales because it tried to assist out unlucky consumers by extending their warranties.

Microsoft's response to Sony's PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition is the Series X and Series S. While the Series S only supports 1440p resolution gameplay as opposed to the Series X's 4K resolution, both offer compelling arguments when compared to Sony's latest consoles. The Series S costs $300, as opposed to $400 for the PS5 Digital.

Due to shortage issues, it's been a trying period for fans wanting to get their hands on these new consoles over the last few months. Who knows how many consoles Microsoft could have sold if they had enough inventory to fulfill the ostensibly strong demand. They are, however, not the only firm that is failing to meet the demand for its products. Customers are still having difficulty finding PS5 consoles for sale, while GPUs for gaming PCs remain in limited supply. Intel's CEO thinks the shortfall might last until 2023, despite expectations that it would ease in the following months.

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