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Assassin's Creed Valhalla receives a 20GB update

Assassin's Creed Valhalla receives a 20GB update.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla's latest title update has 20 GB of fixes, which will be available today on all platforms at various times.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Game Scene

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is already a popular game, and it's just becoming bigger. Ubisoft has revealed the patch notes for the newest update to Assassin's Creed Valhalla, which weighs in at 20 GB.

The most recent Assassin's Creed entries have seen the series at its most ambitious, with larger and larger environments, as well as more advanced combat choices and activities, being provided with each edition. Maintaining such a vast environment needs regular fixes and changes to ensure that the experience is polished and the game as a whole remains coherent. Similarly, updates allow developers to retrospectively add new material to the game, whether it's scheduled events or new game types that weren't available when the game was first released. Assassin's Creed Valhalla just received its update roadmap, which revealed what additional content and updates players can anticipate in the next months.

The patch notes for the most recent Assassin's Creed Valhalla update, Title Update 1.3.2, have been posted by Ubisoft. This is a long-awaited upgrade that was initially announced in the Valhalla plan. The update is different for each platform, with the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC versions all hovering around the 20GB threshold, and the PS4 and PS5 versions sitting around the 10GB mark. The most recent update for Assassin's Creed Valhalla was Title Update 1.3.1, which added Nightmare Difficulty and new River Raids content to the game, among other things.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla update
Image Ubisoft

Title Update 1.3.2 will be deployed on all supported platforms on October 5, 2021, at 2 pm CEST, 8 am EDT, 5 am PDT, and 10 pm AEST.

Patch Sizes:

  • Xbox Series X|S: 24.09 GB
  • Xbox One: 19.4 GB
  • PlayStation 5: 8.54 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 10.84 GB
  • PC: 20.42 GB

Usually, Title Update 1.3.2 focuses on fixing issues and defects rather than introducing new material. Aside from the usual issues fixed by updates, such as lighting issues or performance improvements, 1.3.2 tackles several unpleasant anomalies that occurred during the Siege of Paris DLC and River Raids missions. This update also significantly prepares the game for Assassin's Creed Valhalla's planned Discovery Tour: Viking Age DLC, which will be released later this month. The title update 1.3.2 is now available on all platforms.

As far as Title Updates go, 1.3.2 is quite normal, as it solves several common concerns while not actually adding much—merely improving what is already present. It's fascinating to see such a disparity in file size between each platform's update, with the PS5's being as small as 8.54 GB and the Xbox Series X/being S's as much as 24.09 GB. Players on PC and Xbox should make sure they have enough space before starting the download. All eyes are now on the Discovery Tour and other improvements that will be released later this season.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is now available on Luna, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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