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Mei in Overwatch 2 is rumored to be receiving major changes

Mei in Overwatch 2 is rumored to be receiving major changes.

Overwatch fans now have a clearer sense of how dangerous Mei will be in the sequel after Blizzard hinted at some major changes for her a few months ago.
Mei in Overwatch 2 is rumored to be receiving major changes
Overwatch 2 Mei

Overwatch 2's hero roster is being reworked, since the transition to 5v5 necessitates many adjustments for the majority of the cast. Mei is one of the characters that has had their reworked, however Overwatch 2 fans now know how significant the alteration is.

However unlike Bastion redesign, where new abilities are being introduced and some are being altered to operate in a new way, Mei is having one element of her moveset completely deleted. Her weapon's main fire, in particular, will no longer freeze opponents. This is a significant change in Mei's assault approach, as most Mei players will freeze a target before finishing them off with an icicle headshot. That is no longer a possibility.

While not being able to freeze opponents will make them less unpleasant to play against because they will not be motionless for several seconds, Mei supporters are concerned that she may become less viable as a result of this change. Blizzard assured Mei that she would do more damage if this distinguishing skill was removed. However, pro gamer Matthew “Super” DeLisi shared the information in a recent stream, and the developer did not specify how much damage would be done.

Super and a few others have seen the new Mei in action thanks to Overwatch League participants getting to try out an early copy of Overwatch 2. When he asks his chat how much primary fire damage Mei has in the original game, he is surprised to learn that it is just 55. This is because Mei's main fire in Overwatch 2 deals a whopping 90 DPS. In the sequel, Super claims that all Mei players need to do against their opponents is "left click then to death." While others worried that Mei was becoming too frail, the reverse may be true.

In any case, Overwatch players that play Mei will have to get accustomed to this. The Endothermic Blaster's primary fire is more of a setup move or a method to isolate opponents right present, with most players relying heavily on their icicles. It appears that it will be equally as strong as the icicles in the sequel, excelling at crowd control and delivering damage to players that are gathered together. While the rest of Mei's abilities aren't changing much, this big update to her primary weapon offers her an entirely new playstyle.

While the upcoming beta of Overwatch 2 will allow players to check out these changes and provide feedback, the Mei update has certainly grabbed the curiosity of those in the competitive scene. As a result, Mei might wind up being a top-tier hero.

Overwatch 2 is being developed on the PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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