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Hideo Kojima's ambitions for 2022 include video, radio, and a ridiculous project

Hideo Kojima's ambitions for 2022 include video, radio, and a crazy task
Image Credit: Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima's ambitions for 2022 include video, radio, and a revolutionary project, according to him.

In addition, death standing's designer expects cloud gaming will make a splash in 2022.

Hideo Kojima, the director of Death Stranding, has revealed his 2022 plans, which include a "radical" new project and experiments with video and radio.

Kojima Productions recently announced the establishment of a TV and film studio in Los Angeles, with production set to begin in earnest this year, according to Kojima.

"Although 2021 was still a very challenging year for us, we managed to deliver the release of [Death Stranding Director's Cut] on PS5 safely even in this COVID situation while we were gravely preparing and experimenting with new titles," the Metal Gear creator stated on Twitter.

This year, I'm going to start a new work in earnest, and proceed to the next level of experimenting with a radical idea," he said in another post. I'm also aiming to get the video crew up and running. And I'm thinking about starting a radio project. 

Famitsu's annual creator vox pop contains more hints about Kojima's 2022 ambitions. This year, the designer intends to recapture the fluid, communicative, and quick production rhythm we had before Corona as a company. 

"I like to ensure this the year that we take a step ahead into a different medium and expression than games," he continued.

And that has become usual for the creator of late, he also makes a special mention of cloud streaming. "Streaming will undoubtedly disrupt the entertainment sector," he said.

"Changes in the way games are delivered will have a big impact on projects and business strategies." For such reforms, this year will represent a turning point."

Kojima, who became 58 in August, commemorated the event by promising to keep working for as long as he can.

"My creativity hasn't diminished yet," he said, "even if my body is failing me." "I'll keep attempting to make things until my brain loses its ability to be creative." That's how I feel, and that's what I like to do." 

Actor Norman Reedus recently appeared to reveal that Death Stranding 2 negotiations have begun, and Microsoft is apparently close to an agreement to publish a new game by Hideo Kojima.

Source: vgc 

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