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Konami is the most recent video game publisher to promote the selling of its own NFTs

Konami is the most recent video game publisher to promote the selling of its own NFTs
Image Credit: Konami

Konami is the most recent gaming publisher to announce an NFT campaign. 

This month, Catlevania's publisher will auction off retro-themed artwork, there will be more to come.

The Metal Gear and Silent Hill developer said on Thursday that it would auction off a "Konami Memorial NFT collection" of 14 unique artworks from the Castlevania series to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

From January 12 at 22:00 p.m., the entire collection will be placed up for public auction on the marketplace OpenSea (UTC). All 14 artworks are described in detail on Konami's official website.

The Memorial NFT campaign is Konami's "first" project in this field, according to the company. "Because NFTs and blockchain technology are still in their infancy, Konami will continue to review new innovations and listen to player feedback beyond this initial collection," the company added.

Konami said on Thursday that it will "continue to support the titles currently available, while also analyzing future possibilities for releases that will fulfill player expectations" in regards to Castlevania video games. 

What exactly is NFT?

NFT is a digital asset that symbolizes internet valuables such as art, music, and games and is backed by an authentic certificate issued by the blockchain technology that supports Cryptocurrency. Which allows users to own, purchase, and sell digital assets like in-game stuff and artwork.

What exactly is the NFT Game?

NFT Game is built on the Blockchain platform, with in-game assets formatted as NFT to provide players personal ownership of characters in the game.

NFT games have increased in popularity recently since they are supposed to take the gaming industry to a new level by providing amazing benefits such as fairness and transparency in the game, security of NFT assets in the game, guarantee ownership of in-game assets for players, and so on.

Many gaming developers, like Ubisoft, have already begun selling digital things as NFTs, albeit this has generated criticism from some due to the format's huge carbon footprint and unscrupulous deployment.

Square Enix is the most recent high-profile gaming company to show interest in new technologies. President Yosuke Matsuda agreed to make blockchain and NFT games a part of its gaming portfolio in a New Year letter published during the holiday break.

Some representatives of the gaming industry reacted negatively to Matsuda's statements. However, they seem to have been positively welcomed by the market. 

The president's letter prompted an 8% increase in Square Enix's share price earlier this week — its highest single-day boost since last August – on the company's first day of trading in Tokyo after its publication.

Matsuda stated in his letter that he believes blockchain games "have the ability to support self-sustaining game growth" by promoting the "play to earn" model.

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