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Scientists make non-alcoholic beer that tastes like real beer

Scientists make non-alcoholic beer that tastes like real beer.
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Scientists make non-alcoholic beer that tastes like traditional beer.

EvodiaBio, a biotech company, has used chemicals called monoterpenoids to reproduce the taste of traditional beer in its non-alcoholic beers.

Beer made with the natural fragrance of EvodiaBio can trick you. Most of us can identify a non-alcoholic beer, but Ivodiabio, a Copenhagen-based bio-industrial company, has developed a method to introduce the unique flavors and flavors of beer into non-alcoholic beers.

In the journal Nature Biotechnology, research on the novel non-alcoholic alternative was released.

The taste of non-alcoholic beer is one of the most common issues that keep consumers from switching to the healthier option. According to Sotirios Kampranis, a professor at the University of Copenhagen, the lack of hops is to blame for the flat and watery taste.

"The scent of hops is missing in non-alcoholic beer. When you neutralize the alcohol from beer, such as by heating it, you also kill the hops' scent. Because alcohol is required for hops to impart their distinct flavor to the beer, other ways for generating alcohol-free beer by limiting fermentation also result in a lack of scent "Kampranis stated.

Kampranis and his colleague Simon Dusseaux established EvodiaBio, a biotech company that has now developed a method to replicate what was currently lacking in non-alcoholic beer (aside from alcohol, of course). By avoiding the use of hops, their non-alcoholic beer is far more environmentally friendly than previous methods, as hops require a lot of water to grow and are often transported considerable distances from where they are grown to where they are used to make beers.

"We've discovered a way to make a set of small molecules known as monoterpenoids, which offer the hoppy flavor, and then add them to the beer at the conclusion of the brewing process to restore its flavor. This has never been done before, and it's a game-changer for non-alcoholic beer "Kampranis says.

"We reduce aroma hops entirely, as well as water and transportation, using our technology. This means that one kilogram of hops aroma may be made with 10,000 times less water and 100 times less CO2 "Kampranis continued on.

For its first year, EvodiaBio received $610,000 from the BioInnovation Institute, an independent organization founded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

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