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UK Games Fund has received an investment of £8 million from the government

UK Games Fund has received an investment of £8 million from the government
UK Games Fund

The UK Games Fund has got £8 million in government funding to help new games developers.

The investment will be used to provide early-stage business support as well as supplies to studios and solo game developers coming up with new games all over the UK.

"UKIE has strongly argued for the continuation of the necessary UK Games Fund, and this is a welcome sign of confidence in our booming games industry," said UKIE CEO Jo Twist. "The UK sector is a global success story that is a major exporter as well as a major source of inward investment."

"This support will benefit the next generation of companies in having financial capital they needed to develop the games they want, while also creating high-wage employment across the country."

The government has also given an additional £18 million to other creative companies outside the UK, as well as a further £21 million to the UK Global Screen Fund, which will be used to promote UK-made films overseas.

The UK Games Fund announced funds to 12 independent studios earlier this month as part of its eighth support drive, with each recipient receiving up to £6000 in funds to help concept development.

Since its debut in 2015, the Dundee-based program has supported over 170 projects worth over £5.7 million.


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