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Ukraine Melitopol mayor is Rescued in a special operation

Putin is humiliated as the kidnapped mayor is Rescued in a special operation
Volodymyr Zelensky's & Vladimir Putin. Image credit.

Ukraine has said that the mayor of Melitopol was rescued from Russian captivity in a "special operation."

On Wednesday, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, the deputy head of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's office, said that Ivan Fedorov had been freed. 

"A special operation to free Melitopol mayor Ivan Fedorov has now been effectively accomplished," Mr. Tymoshenko stated on Telegram.

Mr. Fedorov would soon continue his duties, he added. A video released to social media shows Mr. Zelensky on the phone with Mr. Fedorov over the phone.

"It's great to hear the voice of a living guy," the Ukrainian leader says.

On Wednesday, Ukraine announced that Ivan Fedorov had been freed. Image Credit.

Mr. Fedorov goes on to express his thanks to Mr. Zelensky for "not abandoning me." "One or two days to recover," he says, "and then I'll be at your command to contribute to our victory."

Melitopol in southeastern Ukraine was one of the first cities to that Moscow take control. Ukraine accused Russian forces of seizing Mr. Fedorov on Friday.

"The abduction of the mayor of Melitopol is classified as a war crime under the Geneva Conventions and the Additional Protocol, which prohibit the taking of civilian hostages during a war," Ukraine's foreign ministry said in a statement.

Mr. Zelenskyy then accused the Kremlin of entering a "new stage of terror."

"They have entered a new stage of terror," he continued, "in which they are trying to physically liquidate representatives of Ukraine's lawful local government."

On Saturday, Melitopol's new mayor was revealed on local television, rumored to have been installed by Russia.

Galina Danilchenko, a former member of the city council, stated in a televised statement that her "primary responsibility is to take all necessary efforts to restore normalcy to the city."

Source: Express

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