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Elon Musk claims that a $100,000 ticket to Mars is affordable to Almost Anyone

Elon Musk celebrates in rare footage released by SpaceX.
Elon Musk celebrates in rare footage released by SpaceX. Image Credit

Elon Musk, in all his wisdom, has stated that "nearly everybody" could afford a $100,000 ticket to Mars.

Elon Musk has made no secret of his desire to establish a self-sustaining colony on Mars in the near future. But have no fear: the world's richest man believes that "nearly everybody" can afford a ticket. If only they would try.

On Monday, Chris Anderson of TED was asked about the cost of the historic travel and whether it could be as low as a few hundred dollars.

Although Musk admitted that the economy will play a role, he stated that he wanted as many people as possible to have the option.

"If going to Mars costs $100,000, for example, I believe practically anyone can work and save their way to $100,000 and be able to go to Mars if they desire," he stated. "We want to make it accessible to everybody who wants to go," said the group.

He recommended selling property, being sponsored by the government, and even taking out a loan as options for raising the finances.

The father of two also revealed that he is technically homeless in the same interview.

"Right now, I don't even own a residence; I'm simply sleeping at friends' houses," he explained. "If I go to the Bay Area, where much of Tesla's engineering is done, I basically sleep in friends' spare bedrooms."

He's probably putting his money away for a rainy day.

When asked about the public's reaction to billionaires, Musk stated, "For sure, it would be highly troublesome if I was spending billions of dollars on personal consumption every year, but that is not the case."

""It's not like my personal use is excessive," he explained. "I mean, the plane is an exception, but if I don't use the plane, I have fewer hours to work."" 


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