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Mercedes-Benz first electric AMG will be available in 2025

Mercedes' first electric AMG

Mercedes-Benz seems to have a market for its electric vehicles with the EQ line, which includes E- and S-Class sedans and SUVs, but the AMG section of the electric range has been kept secret until now.

Mercedes-Benz revealed the Vision AMG on Thursday in Affalterbach, Germany, with the proportions and wheels of a true high-performance vehicle.

Because it's simply a concept, the Vision AMG has a lengthy wheelbase, a low front overhang, and nearly no shut lines between the doors. The windows, like the body, are painted in Alubeam silver. The A-pillar is angular, and the tail end is aerodynamically designed.

In the front, the Vision AMG gets a closed grille with an illuminating interpretation of the AMG bars. Mercedes stars with three points can be seen in the paint and as LED headlights.

Mercedes' first electric AMG
"AMG is remaking itself. For quite some time now, much like our founding fathers, there has been an incredible sense of new beginnings here in Affalterbach. The path has been charted for an electrified future, and we've set the bar high "In a press release, Mercedes-AMG GmbH CEO Philipp Schiemer stated.

"With the SLS AMG Electric Drive, our own E Performance hybrid technology, and the first Mercedes-EQ derivatives, we have already demonstrated our expertise in this area. We are now providing a first glimpse of how we are transferring the AMG DNA into the all-electric future, beginning in 2025, with this study "He stated.

The MEA (Mercedes electric architecture) platform underscores the company's current electric vehicles. AMG architecture will be used in the AMGs. EA.

Mercedes claims that all drivetrain components for the concept and future vehicles will be created from scratch, including the platform, battery, and motor. According to the company, upcoming AMG models will use the Axial Flux Motor, which is both compact and lightweight.

Mercedes' first electric AMG
The gap between the rotor and stator in those motors is parallel to the axis of rotation rather than radially, as in more common electric motors. They are simpler and lighter than standard ones and have a higher torque density.

"We haven't seen Mercedes-Benz really push the performance envelope with its EVs yet, but that will change soon with the AMG. EA's dedicated EV architecture for high-performance vehicles will be available in 2025 "According to Paul Waati, manager of industry analysis at AutoPacific.

"The Vision AMG is a sportier, more performance-oriented follow-up to the Vision EQXX, which debuted earlier this year and emphasized aerodynamics and efficiency. The Vision AMG retains the same aerodynamic properties as the Vision EQXX, but with a longer wheelbase, wheels pushed to the corners, and powerful proportions more akin to a dedicated AMG EV sports car."

Mercedes' first electric AMG

The 22-inch wheels with white lettering, a star pattern, and silver paint all pay homage to the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team.

The four-door Vision AMG appears to compete well with the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-Tron GT. The top-of-the-line sedans have 750 and 637 horsepower, respectively, while the base models have 402 and 469 horsepower.

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