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World's First Country Announces a Temporary Halt of the COVID Vaccination Campaign

Denmark announces end of COVID-19 vaccination / REUTERS
Denmark announces end of COVID-19 vaccination Image: REUTERS

Due to high immunization rates and a decrease in the number of infections, Denmark has become the first country to announce the temporary suspension of its COVID-19 vaccination program. Only patients admitted to hospitals who show symptoms of the virus will be tested.

The country's National Board of Health said in a statement that after May 15, it would not be issuing invitations to citizens to get vaccinated.

The country's National Health Council said in a statement that citizens will no longer be invited to the COVID vaccine after May 15, according to ABCnews.

In addition, the Danish Health Authority has published new measures to ease COVID restrictions in the country. This is especially true of the rules for wearing masks and caring for the elderly.

Patients admitted to hospitals will only be tested if they exhibit virus symptoms.

According to Danish Health Authority data, as of April 20, 89 percent of Danish residents aged 12 and older are fully vaccinated, and 76 percent have received revaccination. Approximately 37% of children aged 5 to 11 years are also fully immunized.

"Hospitalization rates are stable, and we anticipate a decline in the near future. As a result, we are winding down the mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19 "In a statement, Bolett Soborg, director of the DHA's Office of Preparedness and Infectious Diseases, said

People in Denmark can still get vaccinated in the spring and summer, according to Danish health officials. In addition, those who are immunocompromised or at high risk of serious illness are given a second booster vaccine.

Denmark's decision to halt the vaccination campaign comes at a time when countries around the world have responded to the pandemic in widely disparate ways in recent weeks.

The majority of European countries and the United States have lifted COVID-19 restrictions, while China has imposed closures in its two largest cities, Beijing and Shanghai, following outbreaks of the virus.

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