Top 20 Highest Paid Actresses in 2022

The World's Highest Paid Actresses in 2022: Two figures stand out in a report released by 'Forbes' of the world's highest paid interpreters in this atypical year of 2022. One, the box office stars' earnings have been significantly reduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic closing theaters and delaying blockbuster premieres. In comparison to the previous year, up to 20% less money has been pocketed. And two, with the exception of Angelina Jolie and Emily Blunt, the majority of the people on this list have made the income from television. Here Toisthe create a list of top Highest Paid Actresses in 2022.

20. Cate Blanchett: $12.5 million.

Cate Blanchett
Image: Cate Blanchett/Shutterstock

She is a well-known Australian actress who has starred in a number of blockbuster films. Cate is a versatile actress who has showed up in a number of films and television shows.
Top 20 Highest Paid Actresses in 2022

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