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New Content for Battlefield 2042 Will Be Released Later This Year is detailed in the Video

New Content for Battlefield 2042 Will Be Released Later This Year is detailed in the Video

Battlefield 2042's upcoming seasons will feature new maps and the return of a player favorite feature, according to DICE's teaser.

Battlefield 2042 has been improving slowly on its critically panned launch last year. Measures taken have ranged from adding new content and fixing bugs to reworking aspects of the game that received negative feedback upon their initial release. DICE's most recent update outlines several of the most significant changes and new content that players who have stuck with the game can expect by the end of the year.

The one being made to the Specialist system in 2042 is arguably the biggest of these changes. DICE revealed that it will be reintroducing classes and incorporating Specialists into the traditional roles of Assault, Support, Engineer, and Recon after acknowledging that doing away with the series' class system in favor of individual Specialists has been "polarizing." This comes after the Specialists' designs were modified earlier this month, and DICE said it will continue to modify the Specialists' appearances and voiceovers to better reflect the gritty nature of the world of 2042.

Later this year, Season 3 is expected to introduce these changes to the Specialists. Vault Weapons, another significant new gameplay element, will be unveiled in Season 2 before that happens. These weapons, which are currently only accessible in Battlefield 2042's Portal mode, will be made accessible in the game's standard multiplayer via a new unlock feature called Assignments. The M16A3 assault rifle and M60E4 LMG from Battlefield 3 are the first of many new and vaulted weapons that will gradually be added to the game.

Following the update to the Kaleidoscope map a few weeks ago, two of the game's older maps—Renewal and Orbital—will also get a makeover in Season 2. The update video from DICE demonstrates how various areas of the maps will be filled out with fresh terrain and a ton of new cover. The updated Battlefield 2042 maps will also feature new capture points and updated spawn points, which should make it easier for players to rejoin the battle. The updated Renewal will debut sometime in September, followed by Orbital in October, claims DICE.

The developer DICE did hint at the addition of a new map, a new Specialist, new weapons, and new gameplay options for Portal, even though it isn't quite ready to reveal all of the new content coming with Season 2. Additionally, it hinted that players could anticipate a comparable volume of content in Battlefield 2042's upcoming seasons. In any case, it appears that those who are still playing will have plenty of reasons to do so over the coming months. That might not be enough to entice players back who felt let down by the state the game was in for the first few months of its existence.

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