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Diablo 4 gameplay have been leaked it's seemed more than 40 minutes footage

Diablo 4 gameplay have been leaked it's seemed more than 40 minutes footage
Image Credit: wallpapersden

Diablo 4 gameplay have been leaked it's seemed more than 40 minutes footage. The motive because the video was posted online is still unclear.

More than 40 minutes of Diablo IV footage appears to have been leaked online.

The video consists of two parts, one lasting five minutes and the other 38 minutes, as noticed and uploaded by Reddit user iV1rus0.

A debate that can be heard in the shorter video suggests that whoever recorded the footage wasn't the individual playing the game, though it is still unclear who leaked the footage and why it was published.

Instead, it appears that the player was streaming their video online, probably using Discord, and that others were watching it.

Numerous "Private Test Build" watermarks and an ID number are present throughout the video, making it likely for Blizzard to identify the streamer and take the necessary steps.

It's unclear how the player gained access to the game, but one hypothesis floating around suggests it might have something to do with the "friends and family" alpha test, which has been going on since last month. As a result, the streamer might be a relation of a Blizzard staff.

But it's clear that whoever recorded the video that is currently leaking was also watching them play.

Footage 1: Diablo 4 gameplay leak

Footage 2: Diablo 4 gameplay leak

Are you watching Skye right now? one person (whose voice is muffled) can be heard asking another as the shorter video begins. Watch Skye at this moment.

Why are we keeping tabs on Skye? The second individual inquires, "What is he playing?" after realizing what is being streamed. In obvious surprise, they exclaim, "This is not Diablo IV."

The first-person answers, "It is. Video embedded from Files.Fm

As the video continues to play, it becomes clear that the viewers are strangers to the streamer. Who is this person, one viewer inquires, to which another observer responds, "I dunno, but I've been watching for a while."

One viewer query, "So, was this coordinated or did he just hop in here and start streaming this?" "Just hopped in," the other responds.

Following the big Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks on Sunday, this is the second significant apparent leak of a major game in 24 hours. The main distinction, though, is that whereas GTA 6 had never been seen before, Blizzard had previously displayed video from Diablo IV.

Last month, footage from Diablo 4's "family and friends" alpha was also circulated before being removed. But instead of actual gaming, this footage simply showed character creation, game creation, and the difficulty selection menu.

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