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Sony confirmed that PSVR 2 is incompatible with original PSVR games

Sony confirmed that PSVR 2
Image Source: Tweaktown

Sony has confirmed some bad news for PlayStation VR2 users who want to purchase the headset when it releases next year.

Sony has announced that original PlayStation VR titles will not be backwards compatible with PlayStation VR 2--PSVR 1 games will not work with PSVR 2.

Sony's next-generation virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR2, which is in development for the PlayStation 5, will not be backward compatible with original PlayStation VR titles. The PlayStation VR2 headset is anticipated to make major upgrades, including new controllers and other features that will ostensibly make compatibility with older titles problematic.

This is likely to be bad news for VR fans who already have a collection of original PlayStation VR titles that they hoped to play with the PlayStation VR2 gear. After all, the original PlayStation VR headset has been in use for six years, and it has seen some notable virtual reality releases in that time, like the highly rated Astro Bot Rescue Mission, fan favorite music/rhythm game Beat Saber, and others.

Therefore, it appears that in order for the PlayStation VR2 to actually be a step forward, these older titles will have to be abandoned. In the newest episode of the Official PlayStation Podcast, PlayStation's Hideaki Nishino discussed how the PlayStation VR2 features new controllers and eye-tracking that won't necessarily work with previous VR titles designed with the original headset and PS Move controllers in heart.

While PlayStation VR2 headsets cannot play previous PlayStation VR games, the original PlayStation VR headset may still be used on a PS5 console. Those interested in doing so will need to purchase a PlayStation VR headset adaptor, although it's preferable to only being able to access one's PS VR library on a PlayStation 4 console.

Some of the more popular virtual reality titles are almost certainly going to get official PlayStation VR2 versions at some point. It's difficult to imagine Beat Saber avoiding PlayStation VR2, for example. While the best previous games may ultimately make the transition to PlayStation VR2, the true focus will be on brand-new experiences designed from the ground up to operate with Sony's new virtual reality gear.

Source: PSBlog

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