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US gets a voice in Epic Games' conflict with Apple

US gets a voice in Epic Games' conflict with Apple

The US Justice Department wants to weigh in on Apple's antitrust battle with Epic Games, which is set to be heard on appeal next month, a year after a Californian court decided overwhelmingly in favor of the iPhone maker.

The appeals court allowed the department the opportunity to send a representative to the October 21 hearings, where both sides are anticipated to make their case once more.

In 2021, a California judge decided against Epic Games, which accused Apple of acting like a monopoly in its digital services and goods shop.

However, the judge restricted Apple from forbidding developers from putting "external links or other calls to action that steer clients to purchasing mechanisms" in their apps.

Apple can still require that its payment systems be utilized for in-app purchases.

Apple and Epic both sides are appealing.

The justice department requested time at the appeal hearing earlier this year to voice its objections to the trial judge's application of the relevant antitrust law. Justice department lawyers said in their brief that the district court made multiple legal mistakes that could jeopardize successful antitrust enforcement, particularly in the digital economy.

Justice Department officials are looking into whether Apple and other digital behemoths are abusing their market power through anti-competitive actions.

Apple, Epic, and the Justice Department will all present oral arguments to the appeals court, which will also review their written submissions.

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