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Final Fantasy 14's Omega Protocol Ultimate World First Team is sanctioned for cheating

Omega Protocol Ultimate World First Team from Final Fantasy 14 is punished for cheating

Final Fantasy 14 moves quickly to find the players who won the World First in the MMORPG's Omega Protocol Ultimate raid.

It didn't take long for a Final Fantasy 14 team to lose their sense of accomplishment after becoming the first team in the world to successfully complete the new Omega Protocol (Ultimate) raid. The footage of the raid that was distributed to other Final Fantasy 14 players raised the possibility of using third-party tools, and it appears that the developers agreed and took the necessary action.

When the Omega Protocol (Ultimate) raid for Final Fantasy 14 was added to the game in January, players hurried to try and be the first to finish it. Many teams attempted, but ultimately the World First clear was won by the Japanese team "Unnamed_."

Players looked closely at screenshots and videos that were shared from the raid and discovered that at least one person in the group appeared to be using third-party tools. By using the tool in question, the player was able to zoom out further than was intended, giving them an edge over other players. The creator and Yoshi-P himself were alerted to this, and they both quickly expressed their displeasure and discouragement of the use of third-party tools. The World First clear has since been revoked, and the raid team's rewards have been taken away.

Haruka Setsuna, a team member, apologized for the incident on Twitter even though they were not the ones actively using the cheat. According to a screenshot they posted, a GM personally informed them that their titles and accomplishments would be revoked and that they needed to throw away the weapon they had earned for successfully completing the raid. Haruka Setsuna didn't use the hack, so they didn't get a formal warning, but since the entire raid party benefited from it, all of their rewards will be forfeited. Yoshi-P previously warned that cheaters might face a temporary or even permanent ban from the game.

For the benefit of their fellow players as well as the development team, it's unfortunate that players used these cheats to their advantage. While another team will probably win the World First Clear, many players genuinely struggle to win these battles, and it can be very upsetting to learn that someone else is playing with a significant advantage. It's demoralizing for the development team as well. Unnamedunintentional 's teammates are probably also dissatisfied because the results of their labor were stolen by another player.

Sad to say, cheating occurs in almost all online games, and it can be challenging to stay on top of it. For the time being, the developers will be closely monitoring any additional raiders. Hopefully, Final Fantasy 14 players who believe they can gain an unfair advantage will be discovered.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Siliconera

Author:Sarah Fields

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