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Yharnam from Bloodborne is recreated in Minecraft

Yharnam from Bloodborne is recreated in Minecraft

Bloodborne's ancient city has been faithfully recreated by a Minecraft fan, and at first glance, it might be mistaken for a PS1 demake.

Even though Minecraft is known for its blocky graphics, one fan proved that it is possible to make the game look stunning by painstakingly and accurately recreating the character Yharnam from the gothic action RPG Bloodborne. FromSoftware is known for producing challenging games, and while Bloodborne may not be the most punishing, it's still among the toughest games out there.

The open-world sandbox game from Mojang continues to excite millions of people all over the world with its vast setting and virtually limitless creative opportunities. Additionally, there are a ton of mods that can be downloaded to change the gameplay, add new textures, or even create shaders that make Minecraft appear to be from the Game Boy era. But the core of the game's appeal lies in the amazing builds that players display.

The city of Yharnam has been meticulously recreated by Reddit user Parking Price6980, as seen by The Gamer, to demonstrate their love of both Bloodborne and Minecraft. A few pictures posted to the website demonstrate the enormous amount of time and effort put into this amazing project. The game's graphics could almost be mistaken for a slightly retro version of the FromSoftware title with some additional adjustments, most likely from texture packs and mods. In fact, one Reddit user claimed that at first glance, they believed it to be a PS1 demake. Although the builder doesn't specify how long it took, judging by how faithfully the recreation matches the original, it must have taken a while.

On this Reddit thread, you can see additional images.

Another user's comment that Parking Price6980's Minecraft build resembles a demake is also intriguing given that Bloodborne had an unofficial PS1-style remake released the previous year. This demake, created by modder Lilith "b0tster" Walther, took the original 2015 PS4 exclusive and turned the clock back several years, making the game appear to be from the 1990s.

It also proves how intricately detailed Minecraft can look. While the game's unique visuals stem from its original design, some players may be curious to see how the Mojang game would look if given a contemporary makeover. The outcome is frequently quite impressive, giving supporters one more incentive to keep playing.

Minecraft is available on mobile, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: The Gamer

Author: Andrew Heaton

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