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Atomic Heart is released on PC without Ray Tracing support

Atomic Heart is released on PC without Ray Tracing support

The eagerly anticipated Atomic Heart, a prominent Nvidia RTX showpiece, debuts on PC without any ray tracing graphics options at all.

According to appearances, Atomic Heart has not yet been released on PC with the ray-traced visual effects that were promised. The game's exceptional graphics have always been one of its standout features, despite the fact that it was first announced back in 2018. Developer Mundfish even worked with Nvidia to create in-engine RTX showpieces years ago.

After much uncertainty, Mundfish has now officially released Atomic Heart across all platforms. Early reviews indicate that the game will appeal to a wide audience thanks to its Bioshock-like combat and abundance of content, but some of the features PC players may have been eagerly anticipating won't be available right away.

Atomic Heart's long-promised ray-traced graphics options were not accessible in the review build, so Rock Paper Shotgun noticed this and contacted the developer. The developer responded by confirming that ray tracing will be added to the game on PC at a later time. This occurs shortly after Atomic Heart demonstrated 4K RTX gameplay and praised its graphics as one of its most intriguing features. PC gamers will have to wait a little bit longer, though, to see Atomic Heart's implementation of ray-traced shadows, reflections, and other effects.

However, DLSS is supported by Atomic Heart at launch. Although the feature itself is not problematic and is, in fact, a huge benefit for owners of Nvidia RTX graphics cards, the CEO's remarks about its potential applications did end up upsetting some people. The CEO specifically said that Denuvo DRM, which is specifically thought to be a CPU bottleneck, should prove useful in offsetting any potential performance issues.

Atomic Heart's release dates are now set, regardless of what may have happened before its official launch on February 21. Now that interested players have a chance to give the game a fair shot, Mundfish should get a ton of honest feedback. While some players will undoubtedly be disappointed by the lack of ray tracing, the feature's prominence in pre-release materials serves as something of a guarantee that it will eventually be included in the game.

There haven't been many favorable reviews of Atomic Heart. In general, it appears to be a game that simply won't appeal to everyone, and some players may find it repulsive due to its vulgarity and bloat. Even though Atomic Heart has received a number of positive reviews, it is clear that the book may still be controversial. In this regard, it may help that the game looks good even with ray tracing disabled.

Atomic Heart is available now PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source:  Rock Paper Shotgun

Author: Filip Galekovic

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