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Elden Ring Player Shows Off the Best PvP Use of Death Blight

Elden Ring Player Shows Off the Best PvP Use of Death Blight

A shrewd Elden Ring PVP player demonstrates the most effective use of Death Blight in an effective, brutal, and lethal strategy against invaders.

A PVP Elden Ring player demonstrated an impressively sly tactic for using Death Blight on unwary adversaries. Like the majority of "SoulsBorne" games, Elden Ring features a fiercely competitive PVP scene where strategies like these can make or break a battle.

Nearly a year after Elden Ring's debut, players are still discovering fresh ways to enjoy it. The game always seems to be changing, whether it's a new method for finding Elden Ring illusory walls or a way to defeat every boss with the Carian Slicer. There has always been a very long life span for games in the "SoulsBorne" series because of the FromSoftware games' rich lore and legendary intense combat. While some players are quick to find effective PVP strategies, there are always more ways to win hidden deep within Elden Ring due to the complexity of both the lore and the combat. There are a lot of layers beneath the initial experience of playing through Elden Ring.

Reddit user Neukbare-Nina, an Elden Ring player, demonstrated one such tactic to other fans. In Ranni's Rise, the player summons a friend who hides behind some crystals using the "spread out" emote before calling in invaders and luring them up the staircase. Neukbare-Nina drinks Ironjar Aromatic at the top of the stairs to increase their resistance to physical damage by 40%. They then cast Fia's Mist into the stairwell as their friend approaches from behind to do the same. The Death Sorcery has the opportunity to bring about instant death by trapping the invader in such a small area. What happens next is like an agonizing loss to Malenia. Even though Fia's Mist is a very potent spell,the slow build-up of Death Blight and the chance to move around in Elden Ring’s wide environments would mean that Fia’s Mist could be avoided.

One player pretended to be an NPC, and another still used environmental hazards in Elden Ring to trick invaders into defeat. This type of trolling play style is quite popular among PVP players. On Neukbare-post Nina's titled "How to ruin people's day with Death Blight," comments were left pointing out the various bugs that were present in the game at launch and how they were exploited for effective PVP strategies.

Despite the difficulty of trying to fill the Death Blight meter on their opponents, one commenter said they enjoy using a "Death Build." They might be able to find some motivation in Neukbare-sinister Nina's video. The Elden Ring anniversary event, which is planned to include a section specifically for PVP, will be held by FromSoftware to commemorate the game's one-year anniversary. Possibly, players will be able to see more ways to employ their preferred strategies and builds in this event.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Connor Lawless

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