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In a video, Nina Williams from Tekken 8 is contrasted with how she appeared in Tekken 7

Nina Williams from Tekken 8 is compared to how she appeared in Tekken 7 in a video

To give players an idea of what to anticipate from the fighter in the new game, a video compares Nina Williams from Tekken 8 to her counterpart from Tekken 7.

A recent video contrasts Nina Williams' appearance in Tekken 8 with that in Tekken 7. With the upcoming release of Tekken 8, one of the most enduring franchises in the gaming industry, Tekken is preparing for the next conflict. The game's tagline, "Fist Meets Fate," promises to bring the next installment of the Mishima family saga, among other things.

Fans were left wondering whether Tekken 8 was a remake or a brand-new game after a mysterious and perplexing video that was used to tease it at EVO 2022. After some rumors about a potential appearance of the game, Tekken 8 was finally officially announced at The Game Awards 2022. In the gameplay and story segments from the trailer, Jin Kazama and his father, the game's archenemy Kazuya Mishima, engage in a new battle. Another highlight was the Unreal Engine 5-rendered character visuals, which received a lot of positive feedback from the community.

The Nina Williams character from Tekken 8 and its version from Tekken 7 were contrasted in a video by the YellonMotion channel on YouTube. One of the most significant characters in Tekken is Nina Williams, and the first obvious distinction between the two is how they look. For both, the fighter uses a similar intro, different dialogue, and nearly identical animations. Her Rage Art super attacks, however, are quite different, as the video demonstrates. The Tekken 8 version centers around Nina's pistols, despite the fact that the maneuvers begin very similarly and are activated with the same kind of attack. In Tekken 7, the attack becomes more physical as the fighter climbs on top of the target and grabs them until they submit.

The news of the Closed Alpha Test and the return of Nina Williams in Tekken 8 were recently made public. However, The Silent Assassin is not the only well-known character confirmed for Tekken 8. Fans already have Paul, Marshall Law, King, and Jack-8 to look forward to in addition to Nina Williams, Jin, and Kazuya. One of the fighters from Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, Lars Alexandersson, will also appear in Tekken 8 along with a different surprise. One of the confirmed playable characters for the upcoming Bandai Namco game is Jun Kazama, Jin's mother.

The community is enthusiastically welcoming Nina Williams back. The fighter is a well-known female fighting game character and one of Tekken's most adored characters. Tekken 8 keeps raising anticipation for the upcoming game in the franchise among fans in what could be a very successful year for fighting games.

Tekken 8 is in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Bruna Telles

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