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RuneScape served as the inspiration for the new walking app called WalkScape

A New Walking App Called WalkScape Was Inspired by RuneScape

One Android developer is creating a brand-new fitness app with RuneScape influences that will let users exercise to complete quests, level up, and more.

The new walking app WalkScape, which is being created independently, was inspired by the legendary MMORPG RuneScape. Users of the mobile app can advance the story of a fantasy adventure by simply moving around, completing quests, and leveling up stats.

More than twenty years after its 2001 launch, the original RuneScape still has a thriving community. MMOs and RPGs in general have been significantly influenced by RuneScape, which also probably served as inspiration for a whole generation of today's game developers. Most people, though, probably wouldn't have anticipated that inspiration would result in the creation of a fantasy RPG walking app.

The app WalkScape will soon be available for Android devices, and an iOS release is planned for the future. The setting for the game is a fantastical realm called Arenum, which has three nations and numerous places with surprisingly rich lore for a fitness game. The RuneScape-inspired fitness app allows users to walk around the map, explore quests, engage in random encounters, advance through the main storyline, and level up more than 20 different skills. Leaderboards, a global market, and other community features will also be available in WalkScape.

Additionally, the developer shared a few screenshots of the game on Twitter and Reddit, giving users a glimpse of how it will appear. It depicts the journey of the player from the Disenchanted Forest to Kallaheim, a city. Additionally, it shows data such as the Success Chance, Steps Remaining, Steps To Level Up, and Actions To Level Up. Additionally, the WalkScape Twitter account showcases some pixel-art sprites and country-specific lore. There won't be any music or sound effects in the mobile fitness game, but that could change in the future.

A computer science student who goes by WalkScaper on Reddit is the sole developer of the game WalkScape. They state that it will be free-to-play at launch and describe it as "30% a fitness app and 70% a game." Once it has more users, they are thinking about offering a subscription service to cover the server costs. Price is unknown, but WalkScape will monetize in a manner akin to Old School RuneScape. The majority of the content will be available to players for free, but in order to access everything, a subscription fee will be required.

Fans can follow the development of WalkScape on Reddit, Twitter, and Discord even though there is no set release date for the game. The RuneScape-inspired fitness RPG's creator also intends to launch a closed beta this summer. Fans of the long-gone but still widely played MMORPG should find the RuneScape inspiration appealing.

WalkScape is in development for Android.

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Author: Daniel DeAngelo

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