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The Most Recent Raid Boss in Destiny 2 is Easy to Beat With One Weapon

The Most Recent Raid Boss in Destiny 2 is Easy to Beat With One Weapon

Root of Nightmares, the most recent raid in Destiny 2, is difficult, but using a weapon from The Witch Queen can improve your chances.

Although the final boss of Destiny 2's most recent Root of Nightmares raid is quite powerful, one player's deft use of a particular weapon type could turn the tide of the conflict. Root of Nightmares, the most recent endgame activity added to Destiny 2, is currently in contest mode, as is customary for any new raid-type activities. For an added sense of difficulty, enemies hit harder in contest mode, and players are limited in their ability to gain power.

A fireteam of six Guardians must enter a Pyramid ship, possibly one that belonged to The Witness itself, as part of the Root of Nightmares raid in order to battle a threat that has been hinted at since Destiny 2's early days. Nezarec has always been a mystifying character to players who are familiar with the lore of the Destiny 2 universe. Nevertheless, Nezarec unexpectedly came up in conversation during one of Destiny 2's least impressive seasons. During the Season of the Seraph, rumors somewhat subsided, but it was clear from the breadcrumbs that another Disciple of The Witness was on the verge of coming forward.

The new Tormentor enemies, which were designed in the likeness of the dark disciple, served as yet another clue in Lightfall's campaign about Nezarec. Nezarec's mutterings could be heard all around Destiny 2's newest location after the HyperNet Current strike was finished. The raid takes place inside a Pyramid ship that was damaged by The Traveler's terraforming abilities, which also revived Nezarec. The evil being lives up to its moniker as the God of Pain, dispatching Guardians with ease with deadly scythe attacks. The block function of a glaive is used in a video posted by Twitter user CoolGuy, completely negating Nezarec's offense.

The player is shown in the video using the Lubrae's Ruin glaive to deflect projectiles and Nezarec's lethal scythe slam attack while suffering little to no damage. Given that players must rely on the enormous healing provided by the Well of Radiance to survive Nezarec's ferocious assault, this is a remarkable achievement for a single weapon. The irony of using The First Disciple's weapon to take out another Witness lieutenant has been noted by some players. Others have revealed their intention to use Nezarec's Whisper, a glaive that once belonged to Nezarec, which sparked a frenzy among Destiny 2's lore community.

Players are currently divided over the alleged lack of difficulty in the new raid, citing the incredibly short World's First completion time. The contest mode in Destiny 2 is still proving to be difficult enough for others, despite the fact that over 100,000 players have completed the raid.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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