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Future Lance Reddick Content Will Be Available in Destiny 2

Future Lance Reddick Content Will Be Available in Destiny 2

The late voice actor for Zavala, Lance Reddick, will continue to appear in upcoming content, according to Bungie.

Future content will continue to use the voice of Lance Reddick, who voices Commander Zavala in Destiny 2, according to Bungie. The Destiny 2 community was shocked this past week by Lance Reddick's passing. Reddick was not only one of the most well-known non-player characters in Destiny 2, but he was also a big fan of the title and active in the online community. Reddick's fans may find solace in the fact that he has more content for Destiny 2 to offer.

At the age of 60, Lance Reddick passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on March 17. He played Zavala in Destiny 2, but Reddick was a veteran actor with a long resume and many memorable roles. He appeared in Corporate, Bosch, and Paradise PD more recently. He played Cedric Daniels in The Wire for six years and 60 episodes, Phillip Broyles in 90 episodes of Fringe, and many other roles on television. He is best known for playing Charon in the John Wick series of movies. He also had roles in the video game series Horizon, Quantum Break, Payday 2, and even 50 Cent: Blood On the Sand as Sylens.

But Destiny 2 will forever be a title that is closely linked to Reddick's legacy. Since the debut of the first Destiny game in 2014, Zavala has played a significant role in the series. But Reddick, the voice actor, rather than Zavala the character, is what has made Zavala one of Destiny players' favorite NPCs. He has done so much to make Destiny 2 a special game by sending kind messages to players, accepting their memes, and more.

The good news for Destiny 2 players is that Reddick's voice will still be heard in the game, even though Zavala isn't moving at the moment and is still perched in the Tower overlooking the Last City. As of its most recent This Week at Bungie blog, Bungie has confirmed that Reddick voiced additional unreleased material that is still being planned for Destiny 2. Future Destiny 2 content features Zavala's comeback.

Future uses of Zavala in Destiny 2 by Bungie are likely to change, both little and big. Bungie might make a few minor adjustments to better honor Reddick's memory. It might undergo significant changes to ensure that the story of Zavala and the remaining Reddick voice acting is properly wrapped up. Although it can't be a simple task, Bungie developers will undoubtedly welcome it.

The Final Shape, the next significant expansion for Destiny 2, is anticipated to be released in 2024. It's unclear what Zavala would contribute to The Final Shape expansion or the remaining seasonal content for Destiny 2. It's unclear how much content Reddick has voiced over. But it's safe to assume Bungie will see to it that Reddick and Zavala receive the proper send-off.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Rory Young

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