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Insomniac is likely to combine one aspect of Wolverine with Spider-Man from Marvel

Insomniac is likely to combine one aspect of Wolverine with Spider-Man from Marvel

One of the many factors that made Insomniac's Spider-Man game a huge success will probably also apply to Marvel's Wolverine.

It only makes sense that Insomniac Games, a studio renowned for its work on family-friendly games, would move on to work with Marvel. Additionally, despite the fact that Insomniac's Marvel creations have so far been a little darker than titles like Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet and Clank, they have maintained their signature charm and heart. It might be more difficult to capture that aspect in its upcoming film, Marvel's Wolverine.

While Marvel's Wolverine will undoubtedly resemble Marvel's Spider-Man more than the extremely violent and gory X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there are a number of significant ways in which it will differ from Insomniac's earlier Marvel titles. Despite all of these potential differences, Marvel's Wolverine is most likely to borrow heavily from Marvel's Spider-Man in terms of giving the tough hero a fresh look.

Insomniac is likely to combine one aspect of Wolverine with Spider-Man from Marvel

Marvel's Spider-Man debuted alongside an instantly recognizable trailer when it was first announced back in 2016. After a voice-over mentions that "a guy from Queens" is responsible for keeping all of New York City safe, the audience has just enough time to begin to speculate about who might suddenly appear on screen before Spider-Man dashes in front of the lens. But it wasn't the Spider-Man that many fans were hoping to see.This version of Spider-Man had its own distinctive feature, a bright white spider, along with white accents along the rest of the suit, as opposed to donning the traditional comic book red and blue suit, the red and black suit, or even the MCU Stark suit.

The same white spider with a vivid red backdrop took over the screen at the conclusion of the announcement trailer. Moving forward, this icon came to represent Marvel's Spider-Man, and it still does so almost seven years later.The placement of the large white spider on Spider-Man's chest was a risky move on the part of Insomniac, but thankfully it has become one of the most recognizable outfits in the character's lengthy history. Wherever fans see it, whether on merchandise or in the background of Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse, it is instantly recognizable thanks to its vibrant colors.

It's definitely possible that Insomniac will want to replicate Spider-Man's new look's success with Marvel's Wolverine given how well it did with the public. It's very likely that Wolverine's outfit in the upcoming game will have some sort of distinctive element that will help both new and devoted fans recognize it right away. Although it won't significantly alter Wolverine's recognizable appearance, this distinctive feature will be noticeable in a crowd.

The addition of a new color to Logan's suit in Marvel's Wolverine is most likely to change. Since Wolverine's first appearance in 1974, his trademark yellow, black, and blue suit has been a defining feature of the character. It seems unlikely that Insomniac will want to make too many changes to that. Wolverine's costume may only receive a new accent color rather than undergoing a complete makeover. Even better, Insomniac could copy Spider-Man and give Wolverine's gloves white highlights.Where the black highlights usually go—the chest, arms, and sides—are switched. Alternatively, Insomniac could add an extra piece of gear to Wolverine's usual ensemble, perhaps a jacket to wear over the traditional outfit or some sort of Rob Liefeld pouches from the 1990s. Insomniac faces a challenging task after Marvel's Midnight Suns recently outdid itself in terms of various Wolverine appearances.

Marvel's Wolverine is in development for PS5.

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