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Today's server outages for Destiny 2

Today's server outages for Destiny 2

Today, Bungie will temporarily shut down the servers for Destiny 2 and Destiny in order to roll out the newest hotfix.

In order to deliver a hotfix for both games, Bungie has confirmed that the company will temporarily shut down the servers for both Destiny and Destiny 2. The technology underlying Destiny 2 and its predecessor is constantly being improved or optimized by Bungie in ways that aren't always obvious to players. As an always-online game, Destiny 2 players are accustomed to the inconvenience, so Bungie's announcement of the upcoming server maintenance is always welcome.

The franchise has contributed to the definition of the modern games-as-a-service experience, as players of Destiny 2 are well aware. This means that in order to play Destiny 2, a network connection to Bungie's servers is necessary. That's because Bungie's servers handle and authenticate certain aspects of Destiny 2's design, such as gear and various other systems for game progression. Sometimes, in order to safely hotfix and test changes Bungie makes to these always-online systems, servers must be shut down.

Today's servers will be offline as Bungie works on the upcoming Destiny 2 hotfix. Starting at 9:45 AM PDT, players will start to be kicked off of Destiny 2 and Destiny's servers. At 10:00 AM PDT, the login servers will follow suit and go offline. After that, Bungie will conduct maintenance that should last an hour or so as it releases hotfix and makes sure the games are reliable. At 11:00 AM PDT, the servers may be back online, but there is a chance that the outage will last longer.

The hotfix's contents haven't been discussed in any detail yet. In the event that a bug prevents the entire hotfix from being released, Bungie typically performs maintenance first and then releases patch notes later. The hotfix is probably related to the servers themselves rather than any particular Destiny content because both the Destiny and Destiny 2 servers are being taken offline.

Since the February 28 release of the Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2, Bungie has been performing weekly routine server maintenance. Big expansions always involve modifications or additions that bring about errors or fresh concepts, which Bungie fixes in the weeks that follow. The maintenance is the same as last week. This is not an emergency; it is scheduled maintenance.

Players of Destiny 2 shouldn't anticipate any significant changes in this hotfix, but anything is possible. Normally, notes for updates are released an hour after maintenance is finished. Expect to find out before this afternoon if there is anything other than a single note stating that server improvements have been made.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Rory Young

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