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Alleged Iranian Spy Escaped from British Prison

Alleged Iranian Spy Escaped from British Prison

Daniel Abed Khalife, a British soldier, was imprisoned at Wandsworth Prison in London as he is waiting for a trial on terrorist allegations and suspected of breaking the Official Secrets Act.

Khalife, aged twenty-one years old, managed to escape from the prison. Born in the English city of London on the 27th of September 2001, Khalife, he is of Middle Eastern ancestry, joined in the Royal Army as a signal corps soldier in 2018. At an army installation, he is believed to have exploded mock explosives.

After being imprisoned on accusations of breaching the Official Secrets Act in August 2021, Khalife was then released on bail and allowed to return to his army base. 

He was, however, charged in January 2023 with terrorism and explosives allegations related to two incidents in Staffordshire, one in August 2021 and another in January 2022.

On 6th of september, 2023, Khalife, who was working in the prison kitchen and wearing a white t-shirt, red and white checkered trousers, and brown steel-toe capped boots, was able to escape from HM Prison Wandsworth. According to the reports, he escaped the prison tying himself to a food delivery van's undercarriage. At 7:50 in the morning the jail began to prepare for a count by placing the prison on lockdown and notifying the police.

After that Khalife's escape triggered a huge police manhunt, which led to greater safety at British ports and airports. The search is being conducted by over one hundred Metropolitan. Police officers, in addition to police from other forces and members of the Border Force. In the open air as of the eighth of September 2023 the police confirmed a sighting of Khalife in southwest London the morning of his escape, has been a crucial discovery. 

A guy matching his description was spotted leaving a BidFood truck near the Wandsworth Roundabout's southern entrance and going into the town center of Wandsworth. A reward of a of twenty thousand pounds have been announced available for information that directly results in his arrest in order to help in his capture.

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